DPS output for Pally Tanks

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DPS output for Pally Tanks

Postby Tofutank » Sun Oct 06, 2013 12:32 am

Hi guys,
I've been reading up alot for the past 4 months on pally tanks and I've been playing only since april.
Theres alot of talk that pally tanks dish out insane dps because of the haste stack.
So I'm just wondering how much dps am I actually suppose to be able to dish out, that would be considered good dps
for pally tanks?
heres the link for my armory http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/amanthul/Tofutank/simple
Please advice.
I really just want to improve and make sure that the dps I'm doing is decent.
Cause as I see it, monks and dk's and other pallys are just doing so much more dps as tanks than me and I just cant seem to match them.
Am I gemming wrong, or enchanting my gear with the wrong stuff or isit just my rotation?
As for my rotation I've followed Icy-Veins strictly and a few other sites and have kept to it strictly but I still do not seem to be able to deal as much dps as the other tanks. =/
Please advice and thank you in advance. =D
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Re: DPS output for Pally Tanks

Postby Winkle » Mon Oct 07, 2013 5:43 am

Your gearing seems correct, although there's better trinkets than resolve of nizaou for dps but i'm guessing you know that already.

Monks and DK's are very competitive on the DPS meters at the moment so don't be surpised to see them ahead of you. Especially on any fights with adds.

We fair better on single target, espeically when glyphed with focus shield, alabaster shield and glyph of word of glory.

Rotation wise it's just crusader strike, judgment, AS, fillers as neccessary (conc over hwrath).
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Re: DPS output for Pally Tanks

Postby Schroom » Mon Oct 07, 2013 5:56 am

also, for the love of good, you are A TANK. you are not supposed to do much DPS. and all by yourself you never will.

our high DPS you see from Raids are because of vengeance. no vengeance, no DPS.

so it really depends on "how long do you actively tank the boss and how much do you off-tank" do you have lots of hard hitting adds or no? what is the strategy your raid leader advised for encounter XY.

is there a cheese mechanic (like Malkork HM, or Dar Animus HM) where one tank just stacks a crazy amount of vengeance in order to do insane DPS.

all in all we also aren't that good in 5.4 compared to other tanks. maybe warriors are slightly behind Pallys. but overall that's it.

BUT, Paladins tend to scale the best with high vengeance, but suck the most (DPS wise) with no vengeance.
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Re: DPS output for Pally Tanks

Postby Worldie » Mon Oct 07, 2013 6:30 am

Also remember, if you aren't tanking stuff, you aren't getting GC procs, which lowers even more your dps output.

So don't be that worried by a lower dps if you don't actively tank for long.
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