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Re: Legendary Cloak Advice

Postby daishan » Thu Sep 19, 2013 9:04 am

I'll still be using the tank cloak for most progress fights just annoyed with myself for not realizing why it wasn't proccing last night.

Schroom wrote:mh the rogue cheat death I think remembering that we tested this and a rogue friend was able to survive the Garalon enrage with it. I guess it hits more than 2 x Hp of a rogue.

Not that it really matters in anyway but this got me curious so I had a look at our logs from last night and unless I'm reading them wrong our rogues cheat death appears to cap at his max hp the same as the legendary cloak.

Code: Select all
[20:58:59.143] Immerseus Corrosive Blast Snickerz 81944 (O: 55281, A: 777603)
[20:58:59.491] Snickerz dies

Edit: guess that's slightly more than his raid buffed hp but not far off.
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Re: Legendary Cloak Advice

Postby Thels » Sat Sep 21, 2013 3:33 am

Ironshield wrote:
fuzzygeek wrote:nutshell:the tank cloak is worth using until it isn't worth using anymore :D

Easy test you can do.

Step 1. Attempt boss a few times. Pay attention to your health.
Step 2. Why are you dying?
Step 3. Answer to 2 is tank death - Equip Tank cloak
Step 4. Answer to 2 is Enrage timer and tank health never got dangerously low - feel free to equip the DPS cloak.

I'd do it the other way around, though. Equip the tank cloak first. Check if you ever get the cloak debuff.

Does the debuff ever proc, OR are berserk timers not an issue: Keep using Tank cloak.

Does the debuff never proc, AND are berserk timers a serious issue: Use the DPS cloak.
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Re: Legendary Cloak Advice

Postby Xfighter » Mon Sep 23, 2013 1:44 am

I was skeptical on the whole overkill/hp sources, as on Wednesday it felt as though the cloak saved me through an enraged melee hit a few times on Fallen Protectors. Finally got around to checking, and my skepticism was curbed. In case anyone needed even more proof:

Code: Select all
[18:49:55.696] Rook Stonetoe hits Xfighter 626827 (O: 561619, B: 509334)
[18:49:55.993] Xfighter afflicted by Endurance of Niuzao from Xfighter
[18:49:56.297] Rook Stonetoe hits Xfighter 436236 (O: 1278314)
[18:49:56.429] Xfighter's Endurance of Niuzao fades from Xfighter
[18:49:56.800] Xfighter dies

Code: Select all
[19:36:18.334] Rook Stonetoe hits Xfighter 624727 (O: 2035436)
[19:36:18.367] Xfighter afflicted by Endurance of Niuzao from Xfighter
[19:36:18.399] Xfighter's Endurance of Niuzao fades from Xfighter
[19:36:18.407] Xfighter dies

Even though it doesn't help for massive overkill mechanics, I still believe the proc is insanely powerful, to the point that my co-tank not having his completed yet has resulted in a large chunk of wipes, that otherwise would have been prevented. The reality is that during progression, and hell even "farm", shit happens that people don't plan on that results in tank deaths. Missed taunts, healers healing the raid, missing an interupt or cooldown, etc. Nobody plans on dying, but in the grand scheme of progression, I'm thankful whenever I hear a warning siren (my weakaura) letting me know its proc'd. It's gotten me to buckle down and pay more attention, or play more carefully, and knowing that by having it, it just extended our progression attempt that much longer. Unless DPS ends up being a serious issue later on in progression, I'll be sticking to the tank meta+cloak. (The meta proc's pretty reliably on pulls, which tends to be the most dangerous as healers get into position, etc.) - having both really really provides a comfortable cushion to sit on for most fights, provided you're able to track and utilize them properly.
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Re: Legendary Cloak Advice

Postby Zothor » Mon Sep 30, 2013 10:15 am

fuzzygeek wrote:nutshell:the tank cloak is worth using until it isn't worth using anymore :D

This is the most sensible, smartest, and simplest statement I've seen on these tank vs. dps legendary comments. While a ton of people have been agreeing with this in principle, I love the simplicity.

Since we're stacking anecdotes, we finally got Garrosh down on 25N this week (it really doesn't sound like many of you run 25 anymore... sad face) and I was incredibly happy to have the tank cloak on. Tank damage was off the charts for a normal mode; far and away the highest I've seen this xpack. Meanwhile the bigger point is that at no point were were even close to an enrage timer. With a couple of exceptions the enrage timers are really generous on normal this tier. As for the legendary proc itself, I basically feel like it gives me the margin for error that I want to allow me to gem pure haste even on 25. I needed stam for a ton of heroic progression last tier, but we'll see whether the legendary proc, which gives me that extra buffer the stam was serving, is enough. I think it's going to be.
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