Control/Haste advice for a Tankadin

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Control/Haste advice for a Tankadin

Postby zathani » Tue Apr 09, 2013 7:22 am

I am currently geared for control/mastery but I am looking to go control/haste. I have read on several sites ( etc) that control/haste is more difficult to play. Why is it more difficult, how does the rotation change or does it and what kinds of things should I concentrate on. Also, is it possible to have an effective combination of haste/mastery?

Here is a link for my toon ... ani/simple

Just wanting to know everything I can about the change before I make it. Thanks for the serious replies.
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Re: Control/Haste advice for a Tankadin

Postby Calaban » Tue Apr 09, 2013 11:49 pm

I started to go Control/Haste myself a few days ago.
And I think it is mostly about maximizing HP-Gaining and throwing out
as many SotR as possible to ease spiking damage.

You definately need the EXP and HIT Hardcaps for this though.
So you need to switch some gems and reforges around.
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Re: Control/Haste advice for a Tankadin

Postby pvita » Wed Apr 10, 2013 2:06 am

If you look for know how on Control/Haste, I think ElitistJerks-forum has the most up to date guide at the moment. Read that and especially follow those next 3 pages. There is exact answer on your question included.

Otherwise I would advice you to read and follow Theck's blog SacreDuty. There is a lot of bleeding edge stuff going and you will have better understanding of Control-based strategies. With Control is meant Hit and Expertise cap.

Control/Haste tanking is not just about "throwing out as many SotR as possible to ease spiking damage", but rather at exact timing of those SotR to shave the spikes. That means as well banking of HoPos to rather throw out SotR when you have 5 HoPos as to throw SotR with 3 HoPos. And letting some damage intake without panic and throw SotR rather on the next possible big hit.

Hope it helps you.
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Re: Control/Haste advice for a Tankadin

Postby Welljel » Wed Apr 10, 2013 2:23 am

Personally I find it easier to play as your buttons light up sooner, it depends on your playstyle though and if you can enjoy the whack a mole style. The latest research shows that you'd have lower damage taken just mashing SoTR as it comes up as long as you have Sacred Shield up at all times when using a Haste build. This isn't ideal in heroics as there are a lot of telegrahped abilities that you need to be timing SoTR for.

Also I've recently dropped to ~4K expertise and reforged the remainder into haste giving me ~12K haste as the only HoPo generator that can be parried is your CS/HoR portion. Grand Crusader procs will always give the HoPo, and Judgment is a spell. The more haste you have the quicker you are able to recover from your only generator that can be parried being parried, I certainly haven't encountered any problems running 10 heroics.

Here's a WoL link showing that I had two HoPo parries in a 12 minute fight. ... 279&e=6964 rest of my CD usage was truly terrible though :(
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Re: Control/Haste advice for a Tankadin

Postby daishan » Wed Apr 10, 2013 2:52 am

Just to be clear if your dropping exp hard cap to get more survivability your mistaken, it will give you higher dps but will reduce your total SotR coverage, there was a thread near the start of MoP discussing it if I have chance when I'm home later I'll try to find it unless someone beats me to it.
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Re: Control/Haste advice for a Tankadin

Postby Fetzie » Wed Apr 10, 2013 3:45 am

CS is the biggest HoPo generator. With zero haste you get 0.22 HoPo per second from CS (about 0.28 HoPo/s with 12k haste) and only 0.15 HoPo per second from Judgement (0.2 HoPo/s with 12k haste).

You also only get the guaranteed HoPo from AS! if the CS lands - CS parries don't proc GC.
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Re: Control/Haste advice for a Tankadin

Postby Welljel » Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:49 am

I dropped it for more haste, purely for DPS reasons. I've found that the way I play is to bank 5 HoPo and only spend 3 on SotR if I have a generator coming off cooldown or the "big hit" is incoming. I've been delaying using SotR by 1-2s at times if the big hit is on its way. Every time I've been back up at 5 HoPo before the next round and it's given me a decent chunk of extra DPS.

My SotR coverage averages at about 40% doing it this way, I never take a full smack to the face from the telegraphed abilities, and I provide more raid healing / self healing than I did before. Maybe it's my playstyle but I've only found benefits from the change. I'd need to compare a log from before I changed it to see the damage taken statistics to see the true cost of it.
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Re: Control/Haste advice for a Tankadin

Postby MinusX » Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:32 am

I am really sorry if this have been covered in another thread that i just cant find anywhere...
I just feel i have to ask this here. I was always the high stamina tank lover. I don't know why , it just suits my play style better. I follow the control path (7.5% hit-15% exp) up to the haste point . To be more precise i stack stamina + haste gems or stam+exp as needed but still aim to highest stamina possible with my mind to hit-exp caps.I dont care too much about haste and i am currently sitting on 18% or so.Tbh i try to balance mastery and haste favoring haste a bit. Is this wrong? I don't raid heroics atm , just do flex SoO. Still i like to have my palla according to the book if you know what i mean. Would really appreciate any reply.
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Re: Control/Haste advice for a Tankadin

Postby fuzzygeek » Thu Nov 14, 2013 8:43 am

Are you able to do the content you want to do? Yes? Then you're fine. If stam works for your progression level and your raid's healers are comfortable with it, then you don't *have* to change.

Are there things you can be doing to "optimize" your paladin? Arguably yes. You could be reducing your incoming spike damage and increasing your outgoing DPS. Would doing either of these make your raid more successful? If yes, then it's something to consider.

As far as favoring mastery a bit, I'm less on board with you on that one; I personally use mastery as my "dump" stat.

Unless you're undergeared for the content you're doing I would argue you don't have to gem stam, and msybe sometimes not even then.
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