Profession self-benefits breakdown (4.2)

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Profession self-benefits breakdown (4.2)

Postby bratheus » Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:27 am

The title is quite self-explanatory, I couldn't find it anywhere so I've made one myself and thought of posting it right here. Mostly everything you'll find here can be found in Dirgen's Item Enhancement Guide, however it focuses on choosing the BiS enchant not on choosing the prof for a buff. This is updated for 4.2.

So, what do we have. Out of 11 total:
3 gathering profs - skinning, mining and herbalism
6 production profs - blacksmithing, leatherworking, jewelcrafting, inscription, engineering and alchemy
2 self-efficient profs - tailoring and enchanting.

Basically, if you want to make some money quickly, pick up two gathering professions, for fast production prof leveling pick up one and the corresponding gathering prof. However, every profession gets you a so called self-benefit which is usually a bop item enchantment or some cool gear piece. So on 85, while focusing on improving your stats to some unimaginable levels, you might want to choose two profs which will buff you the most. Let's go through all.

Gathering Professions

Mining is simple. You get straight +120 STA( Don't ask for more. Materials are used for engineering, jewelcrafting and blacksmithing.

This is simple too, you get +80 crit rating( May be nice for threat, but i doubt its worth it for the stat only if you're a tank. Materials are used for Leatherworking.

This is the only prof that gets you an active ability, which is Lifeblood( It's an instant-cast 1k heal (say what? 1k?) with some haste increase (20seconds, 240 haste rating) with a 2 minute cooldown timer (off gcd). Since when tanking you'd rather care about damage reduction cooldowns, and haste isn't the best threat stat for prot palas, it's pretty useless for PvE, may be of some little use in PvP. But i think we're talking raids. Materials are used for Inscription and Alchemy.

Production Professions
Now, it gets most useful. Making gear for yourself is cool, you don't have to struggle with the market. And the benefits from these profs are much higher.

Leatherworkers get draconic embossment(, which is a bracer enchant. Nearly free, as 2 volatile earth ain't no money. This is straight +195 STA, and it should replace your +50 dodge enchant. Oh, and you can put the legs enchant on yourself for a fraction of cost, like, really cheap. I wouldn't care about the BoP gear as its mostly TBC. Uses skinned materials.
TLDR: 195 STA at a cost of 50 dodge rating (bracers).

Jewelcrafters have their Chimera's Eye( You can cut it in a gem of your choice and put 3 of these into your sockets.
    For Solid gems (pure STA) its 101-60=41 STA advantage per gem (for the total of 123 STA).
    For Fractured gems (pure mastery) its 67-40=27 mastery advantage per gem (for the total of 81 mastery).
I doubt you should care about other stats as you'll have the proper sockets (blue/yellow) filled regardless of reds, and it's probably better to increase whats already best. There are some BoP trinkets as well, ilvl 346 ( &, they are on pair with what you can get in heroic dungeons, but it is always a failsafe gear. This will go nice with blacksmithing, as you get 2 sockets to gem your gear. There are also some jewelcrafting-only dailies. Uses mined materials.
TLDR: 123 STA or 81 mastery, free.

Blacksmiths get easy 2 additional sockets ( & which means you get 120 STA if gemmed pure solid or 80 mastery if gemmed pure fractured. For puissant it's 60 STA + 40 mastery. Again, BoP gear is not present in cata, but blacksmiths produce plate gear, which is yours. Making a hardened elementium girdle or elementium earthguard on your own is quite appealing. Uses mined materials.
TLDR: 2 sockets = choice of 120 STA / 80 mastery / half of both, free.

Scribes get a shoulder enchant, Inscription of the Earth Prince(, which is again very cheap and vastly overpowers your BiS shoulder enchant. This is 195 STA + 25 dodge over 75 STA + 25 dodge which is pure 120 STA and one faction less to farm. There is also a daily turn-in for scribes which gives you ~20g a day ( Uses herbs.
TLDR: 120 STA more on shoulders.

Alchemists get Mixology( which would increase the effect of your stoneskin flasks for 120 STA. However, there is something much more interesting: Lifebound Philosopher's Stone(, an universal tanking trinket. Ilevel 359 which is t11, special effect - another increase on potions effectivity. What matters are the stats. This should replace one of your trinkets asap - assuming a tankadin wears one stamina and one mastery trinket, this increases both and gives you an additional blue socket (useless bonus). This earns you 380 STA for the cost of 321-213=108 mastery rating if you replace a i359 mastery trinket, or 213 mastery for the cost of 482-380=102 stamina if you replace a i359 stamina trinket. If you gem the trinket to minimalize the stat costs this drops to 68 mastery rating (fractured) or 42 stamina (solid). However, even such an increase will eventually go redundant as it takes up one of your gear slots - but well, we still ain't too far into cata. Uses herbs.
TLDR: 120 STA more off steelskin flasks + an i359 trinket: 380 STA for the cost of 68 mastery or 213 mastery for the cost of 42 STA

Engineering is supposed to be a fun profession, hence it has no pure tanking effectivity stat buffs. However, one thing you can make is a BoP i359 helmet(, which has custom itemization. This was never best in slot, so you will eventually replace it, but its a nice option for non-raiders and/or new tankadins. Engineer receive some utility enchants which do stack with the usual set, and it'll be: 30sec long, 1min cd snowfall on cloak (, 12sec long, 1min cd +1500 armor on hands (, can be replaced with a few others), 18k absorption on belt, can't find the cooldown, 5 second casts makes it pretty useless though (can be replaced with some stealth/cc/speedup cooldowns). Of course, since its the toy profession, you get 2 flying engineer-only mounts, some bop pets, massive load of devices like portable mailbox or teleport to Northrend. But you apparently can't tank ragnaros with a Personal World Destroyer( Uses mined materials.
TLDR: a few not very effective utility cooldowns, a cheap i359 customizable head.

Self-efficient Professions

Tailors have a cape-slot proc enchant( This has a 15% proc chance to increase your AP by 1000 for 15sec, probably stacks with your +250 armor, don't know about the engineering tinker. As it should work around once per minute, and you direct attack for most of the time tanking, it might be a neat tps increase. On the top of that, you get two tailor-only flying mounts. Same as leatherworking, you can make the legs enchantments on yourself way cheaper, however there is no tanking option here so its pretty useless for your MS.
TLDR: 1000AP for 15sec once per minute (proc on cloak).

Enchanters get ring enchants(, very cheap +60 STA on each. This is quite straight, but you may think of this profession if you ain't the best money-saver: you have to keep your gear enchanted after all.
TLDR: +120 STA, free.



1. +120 STA on flask, +213 mastery rating for the cost of 42 STA: Alchemy
2. +120 STA on flask, +380 STA for the cost of 68 mastery rating: Alchemy the other way
3. +195 STA for the cost of 50 dodge rating: Leatherworking
4. +123 STA or 81 mastery: Jewelcrafting
5. +2 sockets, which is 120 STA or 80 mastery: Blacksmithing
6. +120 STA: Mining, Enchanting, Inscription
7. +1000 AP proc: Tailoring
8. utility cooldowns, i359 head: Engineering
9. +80 crit rating: Skinning
10. 1k heal(?!), some haste: Herbalism

I've put tailoring over engineering for the TPS, however this may be not that effective. Blacksmithing over the standard 120 STA, because of the stat flexibility. If I'm not wrong, this is the better way you would choose the replace slot for alchemy trinket assuming you got both i359's, and the Leatherworking loss is not that big at all.

So, the professions of choice would be Alchemy, as in PvE you get not only the +120 STA off steelskin flas, but moreover an awesome trinket, and Leatherworking, for the big stamina increase (70 more than the others, and its only 50 dodge rating loss).

However, as a player since vanilla, who tried out nearly every profession, i advise you to choose the ones you enjoy the most. I personally stick with enchanting/engineering or enchanting/alchemy, even after writing this all down.

If I've made any mistakes, or you have some suggestions on this guide, shout right away. I'll try to keep it updated. Oh, and its my first post on this board:)
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Re: Profession self-benefits breakdown (4.2)

Postby KysenMurrin » Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:52 am

Mixology adds 120 Stamina to the Steelskin flask, it is not random.
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Re: Profession self-benefits breakdown (4.2)

Postby bratheus » Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:56 am

oh, it makes a bit of difference then.
thanks, ill update in a second.
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Re: Profession self-benefits breakdown (4.2)

Postby Jaitee » Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:46 pm

the 18k absorb on belt dosnt have a cast time the cast time in description you looked at is the 5 second cast to put it on your gear to use it its instant cast and off the GCD

and for engineering mention the set backs the 18k absorb sometimes makes you 100% more likely to be critically hit and sometimes stuns you for 5 seconds and it will occasionally taunt everything within 40 yards...even stuff you arnt in combat with

and for engineering mention the carboard assasin it wont taunt bosses but adds it will which could buy you enough time for a healer to get a heal off to save you!
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Re: Profession self-benefits breakdown (4.2)

Postby Aerron » Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:55 am

Jaitee wrote: it will occasionally taunt everything within 40 yards...even stuff you arnt in combat with

Regarding Tanks, I can see how the AoE taunt could possibly be a drawback in a 5-man, although depending on the particular boss fight it might actually be beneficial (first boss in BRC comes to mind.)

But for single target fights (raid bosses) where you're in a room with the surrounding area cleared, it's not really that bad. Especially considering that some targets (Shannox and his dogs, e.g.) are taunt immune. The really bad part is the Stun, but that doesn't happen often enough for me to worry about.

I like the belt shield on Baleroc, for Decimation Blade since DB can't be mitigated or have the damage reduced, but it can be Avoided or Absorbed. 18k may not seem like a lot when his DB hits you for like 350k or w/ever but my combat log tells me that when I die to DB, it's usually by a very slim margin (20-40k.) 18k could help with that.

But honestly, the deeper one gets into raiding, the less impressive Engineering seems to become. My goggles were obsolete by the end of T11. None of the tinkers are all that awesome.
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Re: Profession self-benefits breakdown (4.2)

Postby Jaitee » Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:13 pm

the aoe taunt malfunction could be bad in boss fights too think a halfus style fight
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Re: Profession self-benefits breakdown (4.2)

Postby Kelaan » Fri Jul 22, 2011 4:35 pm

bratheus wrote:Engineering
... Engineer receive some utility enchants .... 12sec long, 1min cd +1500 armor on hands (, can be replaced with a few others)

You can also do a +STR tinker on the hands instead of the armor one. Some people pre-pot for initial threat, and this is relatively similar.
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