Need help 4.2 threat issues

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Need help 4.2 threat issues

Postby failtankadin » Tue Jul 05, 2011 12:55 pm

The Problem:
I am having major threat issues that I didn't seem to have before.

What happens:
I do a lot of trash farms in Fire Lands for rep and gear, and I am noticing that all of of the other tanks seem to pull off of me ie. I tank the big scorpion while a bear tanks the little ones on top of me (To distribute the dmg). Also on trash pulls like the spiders/ dogs. This also happens with single target mobs, like the magma lords with the stacking debuff. When it is my turn to taunt, the other tank has to stop all dps to prevent from pulling off of me. (Pally guildie [He is using same rotation], Warrior, Druid)

I am however second in threat, but the highest dps is not very far off, and if they pull around 18k dps they continually pull off of me

Things that I do / Have tried:
-Usually I tank single targets in raids such as a raid boss, or AOE tank mobs that really aren't being hit right off the bat. This was never an issue in 4.1

- I have not changed my priority list from 4.1 to 4.2 which is (HoW > SotR/Inq [3hp] > CS/HotR > AS > Judge > HW > Cons) I barely ever use cons.

- My dps seems to be about 13-14k for aoe trash, and 6-8k for single target

- In 4.1 I took Glyph of Focused Shield to help my single target dps/threat since 90% of the time I was tanking a single target boss. However, I have changed back to HW glyph since there are more elemental in fire Lands and a lot more AOE pulls.

- I have SoT glyph for 10 exp for a total of 14, and my hit is about 1.14%

- My initial pull for bosses looks like, (Pop Divine plea, Exorcism, (While they are running to me) AS, SotR, Normal single target rotation). Fore AOE tanking it is If DP is up Inq, if not, HotR, HW, HotR, AS (Now that it is unglyphed) HotR, Inq, aoe rotation.) NOTE: My Avenging wrath is macroed into my SotR and Crusader strike, so it is up 100% of the time when it is off CD and is popped right before I Do the first SotR.

- Is this the case for other pally tanks?

-Is there a new pally rotation for 4.2 somewhere i'm missing (I have searched the forums and didn't find anything.)

-Should I stick with Focused Shield for my boss threat?

-Should I start using Cons more? And if so do I take hollowed ground?

-Is it an issue with gear? ( ... din/simple)

I have copied Theck's spec and glyphs as I trust his judgement.
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Re: Need help 4.2 threat issues

Postby BlackNet » Wed Jul 06, 2011 7:38 am

Unless he changed talents recently the last time I looked at his talent spec he was missing the 30% party damage reduction which is quite major but that is splitting hairs and not related to your post here.

DPS that pulls good/decent numbers have high tps, I have been seeing more and more enhancement shammy's doing high tps, then you have laser chickens who does heavy spike damage and huntard who do high initial burst damage, then not to mention ret pally's who can give any class a good run for the money and win most of the time.

Aside from gear gaps I would suggest removing the focused shield as you NEED it to bounce on trash. I never like that but then I'm an engineer and I use the pyro-rockets on my gloves to single target max range pull. When doing trash AS -> CS -> holy wrath -> HotR -> SoTR. Oh and you could pop a titanic str flask to really get up there. I can not stress enough that with certain trash Holy Wrath should be used sooner rather than later also helps to have dazing shield to apply after :)

Case in point run into a group and they will group up on you, holy wrath and stun then, then do judgement on one, HoTR and lay down some consecration by that time the dps is nuking the group and they cant pull threat when the group is stunned :) then do AS to and apply HW as soon as it's off CD.

So far my peak on trash nets around 27k dps not counting cauldrons and other gimmicks.
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Re: Need help 4.2 threat issues

Postby Aerron » Wed Jul 06, 2011 8:13 am

To be honest, and this is only my personal taste, but I dislike the focused shield glyph unless I really need to up my personal dps on a fight like Cho'gall, say.

Are you having the same Threat issues on bosses as you are on trash?

As far as the Magma Lords, the tank who has been taunted off of needs to stop/slow down. That's just the way it is. He's going to have a big stack of Vengeance up and if he's still going full bore when your taunt wears off (and you probably still don't have much Vengeance) then yeah, there's going to be an issue.

For the AoE packs (scorps, dogs, Pyrelords) not really sure what to tell you there, except that the scorps and adds with the pyrelords have a weird aggro mechanic.
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