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Help with Rawr

Postby Glowry » Sun Jun 26, 2011 3:56 am

I have been trying to use Rawr lately to help me calculate 102.4%, and I'm getting a lot of confusing results. Now, I know Rawr isn't completely updated, but I thought it could at least help me with some simple calculations. If anyone could help me troubleshoot these problems, I'd appreciate it.

1) First off, it's simply reading in my stats incorrectly when I use Load from Bnet.
1a) My health, mana, armor are all showing up correctly, but my parry and dodge are significantly different than my armory and in-game.
- Even after taking into account the -.6% from skull mobs, my dodge and parry were way off.
- I thought maybe Rawr was outdated and not converting my Strength into parry rating, and perhaps the agility to dodge % got screwed up somewhere (as I'm tanking with the H-Maloriak cloak) but then it wouldn't have explained for the differences in Dodge rating.
- Naturally I also double checked to see it was the right gear, and double checked to see if my ToFW gear was correctly inputed.

2) I'm getting a confusing outputs for Relative Stat Weights.
- It generally tells me that Parry would offer more mitigation than Dodge. In this scenario, my actual parry rating and parry % are higher than my actual dodge rating and dodge %. With the misreading of stats, as I mentioned above, Rawr still thinks my parry rating and parry % are higher than dodge, yet it is still claiming parry to be a more valuable stat.

3) Now all I really want is for Rawr to correctly read my stats, and calculate my CTC, and then correctly give me my stats if I were to change a few gems, and then correctly calculate my CTC again. If Rawr isn't going to be updated for Prot Paladins, does anyone else know a program that could run these calculations with hypothetical geming/reforging/trinket swapping? I've seen the macros that tell you in game your avoidance+block, but I hate the thought of slowly testing out different geming and reforging in-game.
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Re: Help with Rawr

Postby Digren » Sun Jun 26, 2011 1:43 pm

Honestly, I suggest using Mr. Robot.

I have no idea if Rawr even calculates things correctly at this point. Certainly not for 4.2 which should hit in a few days.
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