Reforging the 'Legguards of the Unseeing"

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Reforging the 'Legguards of the Unseeing"

Postby Sophotrates » Mon May 23, 2011 9:50 am


Yesterday I received the Legguards of the Unseeing (heroic version) from Atramedes.
The relevant stats are
- 365 parry rating
- 155 expertise rating

When I initially reforged it, I reforged the 155 expertise rating to 93 expertise and 62 mastery rating. However, on second thought I reforged the big chunk of parry rating to mastery instead, giving me 219 parry rating and 146 mastery rating.

Survival statwise, this would give me:
Expertise reforged: 14.06% parry, 56.63% block
Parry reforged: 13.41% parry, 57.69% block

Reforging the parry would give me +0.41% combat table coverage, however more block and less parry.

Originally I had the Tier ilvl 359 pants which gave me more combat table coverage as the expertise-reforged pants, more strength AND the 4 set bonus, so my only gain is the stamina and I feel that I have to reforge the parry if I want to upgrade compared to the tierlegs...

Any thoughts on this?
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Re: Reforging the 'Legguards of the Unseeing"

Postby Digren » Mon May 23, 2011 10:43 am

I take it you are not block capped, and you want combat table coverage more than you want to maximize your damage reduction?

If that's true, then yes, you absolutely want to reforge the parry to mastery instead of the expertise on your [Legguards of the Unseeing].

Without just trying them on, you can work out the relative math using the mastery/avoidance tables I posted a few weeks back.

Your parry is approximately 13.4%. Obviously it will vary a bit based on this choice, but that's close enough to find the correct row on the table. With 13.4% parry, it takes 2.788 parry rating to provide the same combat table coverage as 1 mastery rating. However, it takes just 1.115 parry rating to achieve the same total damage reduction as 1 mastery rating.

Reforging Expertise
365 Parry Rating = 131 mastery rating for ctc or 327 mastery rating for mdr
62 Mastery Rating
Total Mastery Rating Equivalent: 193 for CTC or 389 for MDR

Reforging Parry
219 Parry Rating = 79 mastery rating for ctc or 196 mastery rating for mdr
146 Mastery Rating
Total Mastery Rating Equivalent: 225 for CTC or 342 for MDR

Thus, if you want to maximize your combat table coverage, 225 > 193 and you should reforge parry to mastery. If you want to maximize total damage reduction, 389 > 342 and you should reforge expertise to mastery.

Good luck!
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