Coming soon! Hit and Expertise to tanks!

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Coming soon! Hit and Expertise to tanks!

Postby BlackNet » Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:54 am

I am not aware of how many here read the forum posts but I found this one blog entry from Ghost Crawler here very interesting.

Particularly of interest is the hit/expertise leaning they are doing. Personally I have been doing some testing with a ret paly in the guild on threat generation and the info that we found last night was greatly disturbing.

Ret pally's seems to be grossly bugged since 4.0.6 as for threat generation goes. If they pop all their CD's, i.e. chain CD's then goto town, they will peak around 30k to 35k TPS for a good period of time, read more than 15 seconds.

I reforged all my gear to expertise and hit. Expertise of 26 with seal of truth on, 16 with out, hit to 5.59%, mastery is currently at 20.46 (46% block) which I find low. Now the good news is this. When the ret paly' spikes to 40k TPS (Threats per second) I was able to contain that easily and my baseline TPS was much easier to hold things.

One of the problem here is in the group I run with we have 2-3 people who pulls heavy threat so taunting is not a clean option. Yes taunts do work and all but it does not fix the underlying problem. I am going to be doing some testing in a raid to see how that affects the others and mitigation.
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Re: Coming soon! Hit and Expertise to tanks!

Postby Digren » Thu Mar 24, 2011 11:05 am

There's a pretty good thread about this in the general forum: ... =viewtopic

Let's keep all the conversation there for now, so we all get the best thoughts from everyone. When something shows up on a PTR, we can start theorizing about gearing strategies.
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