Separate addendum failsafe gearing guide

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Separate addendum failsafe gearing guide

Postby yappo » Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:43 pm

Cataclysm has been out for less than one month. I have seen zero raids this far. ... d/advanced

Above is me as per January 1. I left my brains at home after dinging 85 and started with my Tol Barad reputation very late. Had I started grinding them immediately I would be exalted by now. That translates into my poor armour trinket being a mastery one, something that will have to wait another week.

If you disregard my gems and enchants (they work well enough for me, especially given that we're a seven man strong/weak non-raiding guild), the gear I'm decked out in clearly indicates that the failsafe tank is doable in a stiff three weeks worth of gaming. In my case this includes the days needed to level from 80 to 85.

Two caveats:

1) The X-mas holydays (we basically get either one or two full weeks off in Sweden) gave me an excessive amount of time to spend playing.

2) As per three or four days ago I BELIEVE that Blizzard hotfixed some of the five-man heroics to start chewing up tanks. Given that I've geared up rapidly, and that we tend to run with the same five-man squad, I would expect to take less damage per second now than a week ago. The opposite, however, is what's happening. Note that I'm talking damage per second taken and not my available stamina. Swapping from stamina to mastery should have decreased my damage intake even further.

The second caveat (if my guess is correct, and about half the heroics do indeed hit us harder now) might slow down the progression for a new tank. It's especially the Uldum instances where mobs and bosses try to splatter us all over the walls now. We (healer and me) were, however, already above the 340 mark when that happened, which made the problem sustainable. PUGs are utter hell though.

Anyway, three weeks of rather intensive gaming can push your tankadin above the 346 mark without needing you to participate in a single raid.

Edit: 2011-01-04. I will now start moving on gearwise. The link (as long as it corresponds to the date given) shows me in ilevel 349 gear, which definitely covers the needs for the new raiding tank.
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