DPS Tanking [Gear] redundant?

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DPS Tanking [Gear] redundant?

Postby Triadx » Thu Oct 14, 2010 6:26 am

Hi everyone,

Embracing the new patch with open arms, I was wondering if other people have found that gearing your prot paladin kind of pointless?

As a new spark of life and enjoyment on last patch, I had a DPS tanking set which I'm sure many of you had which generally kept me at def cap (barely) and the rest dps plate items. I haven't exactly tested it extensively, though I did a Naxx10 clear with some guildies as a means of getting used to our classes new talent changes and such. Personally, I didn't really notice myself doing much dps as oppose to simply using my normal tank set. Has anyone else tried and tested?

Oh, and another thing... has anyone else been to ICC yet and did 50k+ shield of rightousness crits(Normal tank gear)? I laughed so hard :) Not entirely sure how it works out at such a value...was testing on a target dummy and could only manage 11-14k crits...obviously there's the ICC buff...but I wonder what particular raid buffs are amplifying the damage. :?:

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Re: DPS Tanking [Gear] redundant?

Postby econ21 » Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:50 am

Your personal experience matches Theckhd's theorycraft. Check out his matlab thread in the Advanced Training forum. He finds stamina to be about as good a threat stat as strength. Consequently, I am banking my "dps tank gear" which has ret, PVP and tank gear gemmed for strength and will instead just use my "raid threat" set which is hit and expertise capped but otherwise all tank.

I suspect the recommendation to use a slow dps weapon will remain and even be reinforced (I think I read something in the patch notes about an ability - hotr? - changing from being based on dps to be being based on weapon damage).

EDIT: After accidentally tanking in PVP gear, I will qualify the above - I seemed to do noticeably more damage. I am not sure why - maybe PVP gear has more combined points in strength, stamina and threat stats than tanking gear? i.e. spends less points on resilience than tank gear does on avoidance? Or maybe it was just the berserking enchant. :oops:
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