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Re: BiS or WiS?

Postby Fridmarr » Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:54 am

Feanorion wrote:
majiben wrote:
Feanorion wrote:Being at or near hit cap is NEVER wasted itemization points. If I were rocking 300 hit rating? Different story.

It quite clearly is, if you're gearing for 8% hit from personal sources and there is a draenei around. 40 wasted rating is two gems; in terms of pure numbers, not gemming two slots is never wasted itemization if you juggle your hit rating properly instead in your scenario.

If there is a Dranei around, I will be killing and tea-bagging him.

I'm a Blood Elf paladin.


Now--- you were saying?
I was unaware that NEVER had different meanings depending on your faction :roll:

When you say something like that, and you bold, caps, italicize it, expect it to be pointed out when it's clearly wrong.
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