Threat Issues on LK

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Threat Issues on LK

Postby Blesstodeath » Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:20 pm

Hi, I've been a long time reader of these boards and well I've finally come around to an issue I can't seem to figure out. When I'm tanking I can't outthreat well geared (If we're talking GS addon 5900-6000 ofcourse who know how to play their class) Arcane Mages and Survival Hunters. We finally downed Lich King last night in my 10 man group but I was told the mage and the hunter held back because of it. The hunter is also a pally tank and I looked at his spec and glyphs and it seems a very odd combination nothing like ive seen on here (Such as speccing reckoning and glyph of judgement instead of seal of vengeance) He told me he has no issues with threat against these 2 classes so no idea whats going on.

This is his armory ... &cn=Hashim

Here's my armory Link ... esstodeath

Ofcourse when I tank I use 969 rotation, and have an optimal threat spec as well as glyphs...I mean the only thing I see low is my hit rating which is at 194 but could that honestly be what's messing up my threat?
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Re: Threat Issues on LK

Postby yappo » Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:37 pm

He's tanking with a slow onehander chanted with Berserking. Add a +90 str trinket with a +300 str proc and almost hit-capped. Top it off with 5/5 Reckoning. He SHOULD produce a lot more threat than you do.

As you're both overcapped in the Expertise departement GoV doesn't generate all that much threat.

There's a thread in the Gear Discussions on threat-options (formally concerning weapons). As long as you fight non-dangerous opposition and threat-cap your dps, find better threat-options. However, don't do it at the cost of making non-dangerous opposition dangerous. Only your personal raid-setup can determine what's dangerous or not.
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Re: Threat Issues on LK

Postby Meloree » Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:59 pm

In which phase(s) were they holding back? In P1, it should be unlikely - the hunter misdirecting on pull, and your own threat, should see you clear to P2 - it's a short phase, and your threat would need to be really bad for a hunter to overaggro in between FD cooldowns. The mage is likely burning cooldowns and MI on pull, and should be hitting invis at the end - a good Arcane Mage will be doing more than 25k dps for the first 30 second of a fight, it's unlikely that you can keep up with that on your own, it's his responsibility to invis. If he catches up after that, you're probably at fault. And in all honesty, at that point, it's probably your rotation/execution, not choice of gear/spec/glyph.

If it's on Raging Spirits - that's pretty standard for a paladin - the silence, no matter how quickly cleansed, tends to lead to threat loss.

If it's in P2 - your threat would have to be pretty low, the DPS spend significant amounts of time on Valkyrs.

If it's in P3 - your threat would have to be pretty low, the DPS spend significant amounts of time either running around or dpsing vile spirits, depending on your choice of strat.

Your armory is currently holy gear - however hit rating of 194 is tons. Link a parse, and we can establish for sure, but I suggest looking to your rotation (outside of those things that are the DPS responsibility, listed in the first paragraph). Be sure that when you're running your rotation you are machine-gunning the keys in advance, so they'll fire as soon as the GCD comes up. In practice, it's fully possible to get under 0.05 seconds of average delay between abilities without using keyboards with turbo features, and if you aren't in that ballpark (~96% gcd use efficiency) you should strive to get there.

EDIT: I don't intend to come off harshly, but in my experience, "low threat" problems are almost always due to issues in the rotation, and it's better for everyone to just be up front and say it. If you provide a parse, we can confirm or deny, and look for other factors.
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Re: Threat Issues on LK

Postby Fivelives » Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:12 am

Is your co-tank a warrior who's keeping Vigilance up on you?
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