Short cut for level 80 beginners gear?

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Re: Short cut for level 80 beginners gear?

Postby econ21 » Thu Jun 10, 2010 9:47 am

The other replies - especially by referring you to Eanin's and Yappo's guides - have pretty much said it all. My impression, as a fellow new arrival, moving from level 80 to ICC with precious little raiding imbetween, is how quickly you replace starting level 80 gear by accumulating emblems of triumph and then frost. My recommendation would be to get on the emblem grind maximising stamina subject to keeping uncrittable (which will be a real struggle initially). It's pretty much all about the emblems.

However, if you have primordial saronite to burn, by all means get the pillars of might and boots of kingly upheaval. When you have got your emblem of triumph failsafe gear, these two ICC patterns - together with the few frost items you have accumulated - will give you a big boost towards making you a credible ICC tank. And you will keep them until ICC heroics or beyond.

Similarly, the two TotC patterns - saronite sword breakers and breastplate of the white knight - are superior to emblem of triumph gear and will serve you well into ICC. The ulduar belt is not bad either, but the frost belt is usually an early upgrade, so I skipped it.

A little off topic, BoP, drops that may end up being keepers - at least if my experience is anything to go by - include rimefang's claw (PoS H), the black heart (ToC normal) and the fossilised ammonite choker (HoR H). Shields are awfully few on the ground, so purchasing the titansteel one is not a waste (you'll get an equivalent drop from Stratholme soon enough but your shield is a big source of stats and you may as well start off as best you can). Run the AT dailies for a starter weapon until you get the claw or similar.

To deal with the uncrittability issue, one thing I would recommend is consider a few pieces of PvP gear as a stop gap while doing heroics. You can get wrathful cloak, ring, bracers and neck for honour - it comes with a lot of stamina and the resilience translates into big reductions in crittability. Follow Digren's guide for enchanting and gemming so you get defence at the minimum cost in terms of stamina.
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Re: Short cut for level 80 beginners gear?

Postby Shoju » Thu Jun 10, 2010 10:46 am

one thing that i will point out.

If you have maxed out on Emblem of Triumph gear, and you still don't have the shield from HoR normal,get the emblem of heroism shield. It wont be an upgrade on armor, but it is loaded down with stats, and is by far, the best ilvl200 shield available of the 3 epic choices.

Though, I will say that relying on the titansteel shield wall if you end up cutting to the chase and getting the ICC patterns is also not a bad idea. The pillars and boots have 0 defense on them, and the entire budget of equip effects on the TSW went to defense. It is a fantastic shield for beginner tanks who took the ICC patterns.
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