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Frequently Asked Gearing Questions - Read Me!

Postby Barathorn » Thu Apr 15, 2010 11:28 am


Gearing your Paladin is a task that fills people with either enthusiam or dread dependant on experience. The purpose of this sticky thread is to provide quick fire answers to the more numerous questions asked in the Gear Advice sticky and should be the second thread you read in the Maintankadin Gear Forum after the Gear Discussion and Advice Forum Guidelines.

The thread will be under constant review as things change within the game. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for in this sticky thread then please post your question in the Gear Advice Sticky Thread.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What defence rating do I need from gear at level 80?
A: 535 is the minimum defence you require for Heroic 5 man instances where you will be being hit by level 82 Bosses. 540 is the minimum defence you require for Raids where you will be being hit by level 83 Bosses which equates to 689 defence rating.If you are an experianced raiding Tankadin gearing for effective health Theck's Effective Health done right - Advanced Theorycrafting involvedyou may be using the PvP shoulder enchant which brings the defence required down to 537 due to the resilience rating it has.

Q: I am a new level 80 Tank - help!
A: Yappo's Failsafe Guide shows you how to gear for current content and how to spend your badges. You should also read the [Maintankalevels Guide]to determine at what level of progression you are currently at. If you are lucky enough to have a supportive guild you may be able to skip some of the items and in that case you should read Lieris's 10 Man ICC guide if you are being geared for ICC Raiding.

Q: What should I buy first with my EoF?
A: Your first EoF purchase is one of Sentinel's Winter Cloak, Gauntlets of the Kraken, Cataclysmic Chestguard, or Verdegris Chain Belt. Your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th EoF purchases are the remaining 3. Replace weakest gear piece first.

Q: Which Tier 10 Piece do I buy first?
A: Get T10 hat first. Other options aren't attractive until ilvl277

Q: Are the Tier 10 Set bonus worth it?
A: Meloree's opinion remains: Not until 277 ilvl. Even then 4pc will only see occasional use. There remains debate.

Repeat after me - 4 piece tier is RARELY best in slot, explore all your gearing options!

Q: What are the hit / expertise caps?
A: 8% melee hit, 26 (soft-cap) or 56 (hard-cap) expertise. See the conversions/caps section of Theck's "The Attack Table" article.

Q: Do I need to be close to the hit and expertise caps to tank?
A: No. 0 is ok, more is nice. If you have pieces with hit and expertise brilliant, if you don't then do not gem or enchant for hit or expertise unless you are an experianced Tank. Although important these skills are not absolutely required at the expense of other stats for a Paladin Tank.

Q: What is the Armor Cap?
A: 49,905 for a level 83 boss (this will give you 75% reduction in physical damage taken)

Q: When should I match socket bonuses, and when should I just gem stamina?
A: Depends on your gear level. See the Gem Section of Digren's Gem and Enchant Guide.

Q:What Trinkets should I use?
A: Stamina trinkets or armor trinkets. The armor trinket from Triumph badges is especially attractive, because it just costs Triumph badges. Avoid avoidance trinkets for Tier 9 and Tier 10 raiding. They're a bad deal.

Q: What weapon do I use?
A: Falric's Wrist Chopper or Rimefangs Claw are upgrades from the Peacekeeper's Blade and are all available from 5 man instances. From Raiding look at ToGC10. Crusader's Glory/Ardent Guard is basically the best thing you'll get for a long long while. The Mace from Lord Marrogar is a solid option and on a par with Crusader's Glory/Ardent Guard.

Q: What weapon enchant do I use?
A: Any of Exceptional Agility, Blood Draining, Mongoose, or Accuracy are fine. See the Enchant section of Digren's Gem and Enchant Guide.

Q:What Libram Should I use?
A: Libram of Defiance for Progression, Libram of Valiance for Threat.[explanation to be added]

Q: What's the best threat glyph?
A: Seal of Vengeance. See Theck's MATLAB Glyph Analysis

Q: Avoidance or Mitigation in ICC?
A: Mitigation inside ICC is king. [Summary to be added]

Q: I am having problems with Threat, can gear help?
A: Yes. [Summary to be added - A brief explanation on weapon speed, using a 2.6 speed weapon, where you can get the easiest ones. Hit and Expertise and their relative value for threat (especially expertise sub soft cap), as well as the strength versus block value debate. Some people still ask about stacking BV and threat].

Credits to Meloree, Wrathy, Theckhd and Digren.
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