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Re: Expertise OMG

Postby jathitimus » Fri Mar 12, 2010 5:19 pm

silkforcalde wrote:
jathitimus wrote:If you really have mana issues just start putting on ret gear or better yet pvp gear. With resil to reach uncritable I can still have have 35k or so health while having better avoidance than we did back with blues, and have a boat load of str and crit to demolish stuff with.

Only heroic I have mana issues in is Violet Hold since DP falls off between portals. On this one, I decided one day to wear my pvp gear to try what you said and I found the opposite happened. Since I wasn't avoiding as many attacks, I wasn't regenerating as much mana with my Sanc as I was previously. Also, I still wasn't taking any real damage from the mobs so SA wasn't returning mana either. I went oom like mana was pot and I was at a Phish concert.

Well its only partially to try and fix mana returns, but mostly what the damage gear does is let you kill stuff faster so you have to use less mana while letting you maintain solid threat with a modulated down rotation. If you can both speed up the fight so that only one consecration is needed AND make it so you dont need to consecrate in the first place it helps a great deal.

Obviously 90% of the people you meet in randoms couldnt pull agro off an afk tankadin but you do meet the occasional good player =p. But you are certainly right in that changing gear wont let you do a full 96969 all the time in VH, it simply gives you a little more threat/dps to work with. I find that in my main gear I sometimes have to resort to only hammer on CD and auto attacks to get threat, if you have good dps with you, that will never be enough in EH gear.
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Re: Expertise OMG

Postby Donahu » Tue Mar 16, 2010 9:41 am

There are about 7 rats in the Violet Hold... just hit one between portals to refresh DP and go back to pulling if you are having trouble :).
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Re: Expertise OMG

Postby Folstar » Tue Mar 16, 2010 4:30 pm

badgermonkey wrote:The SA glyph is like taking a stapler and stapling your hand to your head retarded.

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