The Maintankadin Consolidated Index - Gearing - Patch 3.3

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The Maintankadin Consolidated Index - Gearing - Patch 3.3

Postby Barathorn » Wed Feb 03, 2010 12:24 pm

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Hello and welcome to the Maintankadin Consolidated Index - Gearing.

This sticky is to serve as an eventual replacement for the Maintankadin Consolidated Gearing Guide for WotLK. Its purpose is to have links to all of the threads that are current and updated. As new content is released the posts will be updated so that a current overview of gearing options is always available. The old threads will be archived for future Tankadins to read as they level.

Establishing where you are as a Tank by Maintankalevels 1-4.

An explanation by Digren of the breakdown of different levels of gearing that we will be using in the Maintankadin Gear Forum.

I cannot stress how important it is for all new level 70-80 tanks to read and understand this first prior to reading the Basic Gearing section of this Index.

Basic Gearing - Pre Level 80, 5 Man and 5 Man Heroic Instances

Eanin's Failsafe Guide - What to aim for gearwise as you level from 70-80 to get you ready for heroics and raiding including reaching the 540 defense minimum for raiding. Please note if you have a Guild or group of friends willing to boost you as a new level 80 through instances you can progress a lot quicker than the rep route suggested in this guide and should be following the 3.3 Failsafe Guide by Yappo instead [see below] but the basics of Eanin's Guide remain valid for WotLK. Please note I have removed the EoH items from Eanin's list as they have been superceeded by easy to obtain ilevel 226 and ilevel 232 gear from EoT.

Yappo's 3.3 Failsafe Gearing Guide - This guide highlights how you can progress as a new level 80 if you have the option of running heroics immediately. It is very different from Eanin's Guide as this guide focuses on gearing from EoT's and mid range crafted items rather than following the reputation route/basic crafted ilevel 200 items as per Eanin's Guide.

Worldi's Tanking Drops from ICC 5 Mans - A useful list of the drops in ICC 5 Mans so you can see which instance to farm to improve your gear.

How to Gem and Enchant based on Maintankalevel.

Digrens 3.3 Guide to Gemming and Enchanting

Dorvan and theckhd's guide to choosing the right talent spec and gylphs for patch 3.3

Advanced Gearing - Raiding and Gear Sets

Gear Sets Guides

Wrathy's Excellant Guide to Gear Sets

Gear links for ICC Raiders

/insert Petrus's guide
/insert Digrens's guide

10 Man Raiding - Links ... =viewtopic ... =viewtopic

25 Man Raiding - Links ... =viewtopic
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