Hi, I just started fine tuning my pally.

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Re: Hi, I just started fine tuning my pally.

Postby pt376 » Thu Apr 15, 2010 10:44 am

If you have the Ony 232/245 rings, they are rally nice for the extra armor + resist, good for hard hitting bosses, but you are also trading Threat by doing so.
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Re: Hi, I just started fine tuning my pally.

Postby bldavis » Thu Apr 15, 2010 11:02 am

Nikachelle wrote:Even the best geared tanks in this game can manage their mana enough that they don't ever have to drink between pulls. New tanks figure they need to blow all their spells at the mobs in order to keep them on them, which is really not the case.

this is the biggest learning curve for new tanks, when to go full bore, and when you can hold off and keep some mana. (or rage, or RP/runes)

i used to foollow the 969 religiously, until i hit teh gear level where i could tank ToC10 and not feel overly squishy. then i started going oom in heroics, and had to figure out when i could drop cons, how to chain pull, and how to deal with limited mana.

as far as you big damage spikes, it was probably one of those specail abilites, or you were getting hit with a cleave or something like it if you were in a raid. IE Meteor Fists on Koralon, or Saberlash on Marrowgar.

as far as NEEDING 40k+ thats utter and total bull, i killed Marrowgar the first time and i had 34k unbuffed, and was 45k raid buffed.

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