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Gear Questions

Postby Your Pal Ruff » Fri Apr 20, 2007 1:00 pm

I logged out in my Tank Gear to get a few of you wiser Pallys to have a look and tell me where I stand gear wise. Mind you im still Holy spec, and have none of the tank talents, so my "tank stats" arent fully there.

Basically im just trying to build a tank set incase I either get called on to go Prot to help run multiple Karazhans with my guild (tank shortage), or I end up not liking holy anymore after the patch and will have a backup plan.

I know I need to put the +20 Spell Dmg on my gloves, Still farming for the mats as I just swapped to them from Righteous Gloves for more Health.

I think my two weak areas are Shoulders and Bracers, but id like to hear some constructive feedback if you wouldnt mind, as to what to do from here. Ive tanked the 5 mans before w/out incident and have gotten an upgrade or two to my tank set since then. Im mainly cuirous to how far off I am from Heroics (if any) and Kara MT'ing I can do if I were to swap. I also need a 2nd tank trinket and will probably just grab the +24 Sta one from KOT faction just untill i can find something better.

I currently raid Kara with my guild and we consistantly get prince to phase 3 and its just a matter of time before we down him. Any Kara Tank gear could be included in the discussion of upgrades as most likely ill have access to it eventually when the tanks get their goodies and it becomes DE fodder. Heroics, Badge Gear, and 5 mans could count as band-aids as I tend to run those sporadically during the week helping out others.
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Postby Eloff » Fri Apr 20, 2007 2:16 pm

ZOMG! Exalted w/ Aldor... go grab their Vindicator's Hauberk.

Nexus-Guard's Pauldrons is an awesome shoulder (even for a green) if you haven't done the quest.

Bracers are an easy quest also: Sha'tari Wrought Armguards
If you missed those on that questline, start farming primal life and get the epic pair crafted - Bracers of the Green Fortress.

After that, you'll have to do some calculations to see how close you are to pushing crush off the table. You'll be close, but you will likely have to start replacing some of those spell damage / stam gems with Thick Dawnstone +8 def or living ruby +8 dodge to break the 102.4% target.
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Postby Your Pal Ruff » Fri Apr 20, 2007 2:30 pm

I was considering that Aldor Chest piece, but Im already at 493 Def, w/out the +20 from talents, Which would put me at 513 when tank spec as is. Will it help me much stacking more def like that? I could have sworn there was a Def number where it became less helpful to stack it and stack +dodge/block ect after that.

Also On the gems / rating..

I could have sworn I had read that With the Block Libram I only need to get to around 55% instead of 60%. As I am now (unless im not understanding how to add those numbers up) Im at like 49%. Add the +5% from Parry and the few increases id get from +20 Def from talents and I should be over the 55% marker, meaning with my Holy Shield/Redoubt I should be ok. Or am I off on my math/understanding of what im reading?

I stacked the Sta/Dmg gems because my HP is a bit weak still, and I was under the assumption (i know, i know, when you assume..) that I was very close to the numbers i needed (55%) to be ok on target with the 102.4%.
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Postby Aergis » Fri Apr 20, 2007 3:18 pm

The aldor chest would be an upgrade, regardless of defense being above 490. You are right that straight +dodge is better than +def rating point per point after 490, but the righteous chast has 0 dodge anyway.

So by using the aldor chest you'd gain:
19 dodge rating ( 1.0% dodge )
26 def rating ( ~11 defense = 0.44% miss, dodge, parry, and block, about 1.76 more towards uncrushable from just this )

The only way I would possibly see using the righteous bp over the aldor one is if you put in +12 stam gems for all three slots. Then it's a tradeoff avoidance for stamina, each could be useful in certain situations ( avoidance on prince, stam on nightbane for example ). Forget the gem bonus ( 2 mp5? not worth it anyway ).

With the gems in there now, you aren't gaining much from the 10 spell damage really, and +150 hp would do you better than +6 stats. So by using the righteous BP as is you're losing 2.76% mitigation ( 2.36% of that is PURE avoidance, 0 damage taken ) and gaining only 9 stam, 10 spell damage.
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Postby Your Pal Ruff » Fri Apr 20, 2007 4:28 pm

Thanks you two. I see what you mean now. Ill swap chests then.

Any other Gear advice? Would I be ok Gear wise for tanking Heroics/Kara?
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Postby Dreamcrusher » Sat Apr 21, 2007 9:24 am

Yeah, you could start tanking in heroics/kz, but without higher dodge/parry/block %'s, I'd be wary of tanking raid bosses. You might be able to squeeze by on heroic bosses, but you definitely have to get to uncrushable before you start tanking raid bosses.

With the values listed, and let's be generous and say that prot spec will put you at 15/17/15 dodge/parry/block - combined with your miss chance you'd be at 58% unbuffed. Holy Shield (w/ Libram) will put you at 93%

You're still ~9% crushable, even if you went prot.

Elementium Band of the Sentry, Fanblade Pauldrons, Bracers of the Green Fortress, Agility enchants, +dodge gems, Devilshark Cape and Figurine of the Colossus are all pre-raid things you can use to get yourself to the uncrushable point.

Good luck :)
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Postby Jensaarai » Sat Apr 21, 2007 4:20 pm

I think Vind Hauberk has 46 defense rating :D
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Postby Lorath » Sun Apr 22, 2007 1:30 am

You should really consider getting those 20 defense from Anticipation aswell. It's a flat 20 skill increase, probably our best talent and will help you reach uncrushable alot, and let you choose a bit more freely on gear... (not really but in theory it sounded nice :P )
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Postby Your Pal Ruff » Sat May 12, 2007 12:56 pm

Well, i finally farmed up enough to gem and enchant most of this (along with a few new pieces). Im getting closer I think.

Thanks again for helping me out all. Hopefully if I have to respec to Prot im in good enough shape now for Kara. I know i probably still need a better Bracer, Shoulder, cloak, and probably belt too, but ive done well just waiting my turn on the unused war drops from kara. Its just a matter of time i guess.
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Postby Thels » Wed May 16, 2007 3:02 am

Base miss: 5.00%
Miss from defense: 6.12%
Dodge: 18.34%
Parry: 11.88%
Block: 14.16%

Total: 55.50%

Deflection: 5.00%
Anticipation: 3.20%
Holy Shield: 35.06%

Total with Prot: 98.76%

You need 102.4%, and thus you're a little short.

Bracers: Don't forget that the ones from Attumen lose the "Class: Warrior" tag after the patch. Got me one in the bank.

Gloves: The tanking gloves from Maiden have quite a bit of Block Rating on it, helping against CB.

Shoulders: The Fanblade Pauldrons from Heroic Auchenai Crypts help a lot. If you can get Maulgar down, then the Paladin tank shoulders aren't bad either. And otherwise there's always the Righteous Shoulders, which ain't so bad.

Weapon: You probably need to replace that with the Continuum Blade if you want to be able to keep aggro. The loss of those 11 Def is another 0.73% to overcome.

Trinkets: The trinket from the endboss in Shattered Halls gives over 4% against CB, but it doesn't do too much besides that. There's a trinket granting 32 Def from Shadow Labs, which makes it better than Dabiri's (and it's Use is useful any time, not just when HS is down).
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Postby Your Pal Ruff » Wed May 16, 2007 12:49 pm

Yea, i have a Cont blade with spell damage on it, i was just showing off with the Kings Defender the last time and i logged out with it still on. I just like how cool it looks :D

I'll probably get the next Bracers from attune, and possibly gloves from maiden, and most likely belt from Morose. Most of our warriors have them or are holding off for certain items so they dont get the DKP loss. Ive passed on a few of them just to let the newer warriors get better tank stats.

We are doing Full clears of Kara now, so its a matter of time before i round out the Kara Pal and Tank loot. Im guessing with those 3 alone, id probably finally be around 102.4%. Ill also eventually get off my butt and get a Devilshark cape unless i see one better than i have drop in kara, i havent been watching what good tank cloaks drop in there (i dont recall seeing one now that i think back on my many trips in there).

I was a bit torn on wether or not to put 3 12sta in both the helm and legs, or do 2 12 sta and 1 8 dodge. I ended up splitting that. Ive also considered dropping the 12 def to bracers, but figured why waste the mats (and increasing my gap of being just shy of 102.4%) when ill eventually get the Attuneman Bracers and can gem/enchant those accordingly.
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