Which Gem for the Prismatic Gem Slots?

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For heroics/10 man gear, given you can easily read the 540 minimum and are below the block cap, what gems do/would you slap in a prismatic socket?

Stamina all the way baby!
Defense - get to that block cap!
Indecisive - comprimise, stamina/defense gems.
Avoidance gems (+dodge), because the healers need excitement too!
No votes
The mobs parry-haste ME (+parry gem).
No votes
Other (CBH - I thought most the other options were for those above the block cap who want to trade defense for )
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Which Gem for the Prismatic Gem Slots?

Postby Viycktor » Wed Feb 25, 2009 2:03 pm

I know this is the maintankadin site, but I just don't play enough anymore to raid regularly. I have a group of friends (mostly other parents and hardcore players who are always on) who I run heroics with so I primarily tank heroics (occasional 10/25-man PuG - but usually dps are pugged before the MT).

I'm a BS/Miner and not planning on changing that. I unfortunately don't have my armory link available at the moment, but I have pretty good heroic/VoA gear (T7.25 pants, T7.10 chest, quest weapon, JC neck, JC ring, rep chest, rep gloves, Titansteel shield+helm, rest blue/epic heroic drops).

edit: Here's my Armory link.

I only run 1-2 heroics a night and have been unlucky with some drops (weapons and trinkets) but my HP is up there... about 27.5 K or so HP unbuffed at 544 Defense and about 5% under the block cap for raid bosses.

When I started gearing up, HP was a big concern, but my HP has gone up alot since then and now that I'm in shooting distance of the block cap (with a few notable upgrades and group buffs) I'm looking at my 3 prismatic gem slots again. I know about the awesome Petrus guide but was wondering if I've got the wrong mindset for my current gear level.

I use one +dodge/stam gem for my meta, but the rest are +stam from an EH reasoning (and to push out the AD range as far as I can). I've mostly just been tanking and grabbing upgrades, and haven't really LOOKED at my gear in a while. Well, I did last night and started thinking about the +defense gems and the block cap.

For someone under the block cap, who mainly tanks heroics and 10-man PUGs, what gem would you -should I- stick in the 'free' gem slots?
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Postby Mishakal » Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:49 pm

I would throw defense into them to get to the block cap ... if your mainly running heroics its bigger benifit over a bigger HP pool imo.
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Postby kenshin648 » Wed Feb 25, 2009 6:20 pm

I have stam gems in them.
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Postby Viycktor » Thu Feb 26, 2009 6:18 pm

kenshin648 wrote:I have stam gems in them.
Yeah, me too right now. I'm trying to figure out if I should play to my strengths or prop up my weak spots.

Melee mobs/bosses never seem able to kill me, it's always magic damage in some form or another than seems to be the big hitter, so I err on the side of EH (weakness).

I'm thinking I may start looking at some of the various pieces I have and 'gem to the strength' of it. Like stam in T7 gloves and defense in the KT rep gloves, but that seems excessive.

I'm thinking of sticking with stamina gems until I get some more upgrades. It all really depends on my next trinket. [grumble]damn trinkets[/grumble]

The thing with heroics is that on most multi-trash pulls, redoubt gets to proc quite a bit. I think this means that I spend a good part of my time block capped effectively (except on non add bosses or single mob pulls). And bosses rarely melee me to death.
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Postby Mozen » Thu Feb 26, 2009 10:51 pm

Mishakal wrote:I would throw defense into them to get to the block cap ... if your mainly running heroics its bigger benifit over a bigger HP pool imo.

I wanted to do that, but it seems to require some effort to get to block cap without raiding drops, so I ended up going for 8def+12sta gems there.
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