Legplate Dilemna & other concerns

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Legplate Dilemna & other concerns

Postby Tiranknight » Tue Dec 30, 2008 5:06 pm

Recently I've come into a problem that I've been winning too much Leg Armor gear.

Currently I have equipped Bolstered Legplates

but I also won rolls and have both Heroes' Redemption Legguards, and Legplates of Inescapable Death both laying in my bags un-gemmed, and un-kitted unsure of whether they'd be an upgrade for me.

Both the t7 and Inescapable are both huge block upgrades, I like the extra gem slot on both.. not sure if I like losing that much Defense, and Hit though.. Considering my current gear set up which would be the best fit? http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Gnomeregan&n=Tiranknight

Also should I dish out the emblems for Valor Medal of the First War? or just keep saving them for the Ulduar patch.. It is the only tanking Emblem gear I haven't gotten yet.
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Postby xstrykr » Tue Dec 30, 2008 6:38 pm

Since you've already got the 2pc set bonus, I'd hold off on wearing the T7 legs fulltime until you get a 4th piece (helm perhaps), when I think the 4pc set bonus (slightly) offsets the loss of defense. It does have the potential to be the best TPS/DPS/mitigation piece you have though, once Sovereign Twilight Opals (8str/12stam) are finally released.

Bolstered vs ID is a toss up, really depends on what you need when you need it. The hit is much more useful when boss tanking; the block rating and value more useful during trash tanking (IMO). And since you're well over 540 defense, you wouldn't be hurt much by swapping it out. Potentially more stamina on the ID though, if gemmed properly, which may offset the defense loss some. I'd probably gem it w/ a str/defense or a str/stam gem in the red and a solid sky sapphire in the blue.

As for the Valor Medal... it's really a toss up. I'm personally not thrilled with the current emblem rewards, but then again, I'm a JC so I really don't need the Valor Medal as I use the Monarch Crab.
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Postby phaqueue » Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:40 pm

I have both bolstered and the T7 legs... and I just switch them out based on the fight... one sign I have noticed about better tanks is that they will have multiple tanking sets...

different situations require different gear setups... people should be understanding this when you are rolling on gear (there are people who get pissed becuase a tank takes a 2nd chest piece... or a 3rd pair of gloves... instead of giving to offset folks...) honestly - if the tank has a good reason to take it (eh set, or block set) something like that... then let them have it...
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