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Postby Neara » Sun Dec 21, 2008 9:39 pm

phaqueue wrote:can't view armory at work... but here are the reasons why people go OOM in heroics:

Aren't using Blessing of Sanctuary
this is the big one... most pally tanks I see go oom in heroics are making this mistake... sanc is your buff of choice for heroics... unless you so vastly undergear the content that you are taking tons of damage and getting enough mana through SA to not need it (in which case... you are way undergeared)

[b]Aren't tanking enough things[b/]
is your health bar staying full the whole time? not getting back mana from SA from heals? you need to tank more mobs... pull more or stop CCing...

these are the 2 big ones... also - make sure you are using pallyvate every cooldown... it's 1 minute... with this - you should never have mana problems... no matter your gear

there's another one, and you can't do much about it: good dps

had that last night in utgarde keep, pulling, bind them to you and before they really start to hit you they are dead. The problem in being able to blow away half your Mana-bar in a few seconds
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