stats for leveling up ?

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stats for leveling up ?

Postby oldboyz » Thu Nov 13, 2008 8:00 am

hi there

i read many interesting information about the new palatank stats&itemization,
but what about leveleraging? here, we don't care about tps, it's all about dps

so, how will you handle the 70-79 period?

in my case, i'll keep a protect tree (with reck.) and hope for many multi-cac-pack around ^^ (i just can't kill one thing at the time, i'm too used to do it the biiig way :wink: )

which stat to look after?
-is STR the only stat bcause AP-->dps, and block value-->less dommage, less regen
-STA in second bcause the more PV the safer it is. also it give SP--> bigger consecrate
-AGI : add crit, dont know how much it is valuable (i would say very unimportant)
-INT/SPI : mana pool & rgen - quite useless with BeneSanct. and seal/judg.

in fact, i dont know for how much HotR count in my future dps...
because on the other hand, may be SP (and so STA) is still much more important as magic/consecrate may be 1st dommage source in a aoe scenario (so we may need STR only to reach a minium BV and focus only on STA STA STA STA STA! ?)

what option is best? magic ou physic weapon ? (answer will also impact my gemms&enchant)

or simply all in all, 1STR=1STA (what we lost in magic is gain with dps and viceversa). which will make my life easier 8)

PS. i swapped my T4 tank set for dps plate (KZ/heroic/badge) : i moved from 300 to 350 dps paperdoll... was quite disapointed by the upgrade (dont have EH&SP tradeoff with me atm)
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Postby Barathorn » Thu Nov 13, 2008 8:36 am

High DPS tanking weapon for leveling purposes for me. Overall I like a balanced approach with high defense to avoid extreme diminishing returns, high strength for AP and BV and good stamina to ensure I can take the hits. As I said, I favour balance, others will favour other approaches.

Levels 70-79 with the best will in the world, really don't matter, they are just a transitionary period, it will all start again at level 80 for real.

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Postby econ21 » Thu Nov 13, 2008 8:42 am

As far as I understand it, what is good for our tps will be good for our dps as we mainly cause threat by causing damage. So I think you can look at PsiVen's weapons sticky in the wotlk forum for good insights into what threats stats are good, as they will also be good for dps. (Current answer seems to be weapon dps and str, then AP and BV, then everything else)

The exception is that white damage causes less threat for us. This means that high dps (as opposed to SP) weapons will be even better for dps than they are for threat.

Strength and stamina do sound like the primary stats for us to stack, although a case could also be made for BV from level 75 onwards. We will have to pay attention defence for uncrit and BR/avoidance for block capped etc

300 to 350 dps sounds like a disappointing gain to compensate for losing all your tanking goodness. I think I double my dps by switching from tanking to dps gear, but I seem to recall my paperdoll numbers in both cases were lower than what you report.
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