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should I replace my Badge/Kara gear with Warrior gear?

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should I replace my Badge/Kara gear with Warrior gear?

Postby icemanjmw » Tue Oct 07, 2008 9:46 am

Okay, sorry if this is a noob/dumb question, but I haven't been paying much attention to the WotLK notes and the changes that will happen to our gear. From what I understand all of our Tanking gear is losing SP and being replaced with Str/Stam? Will it still be equal to the Warrior gear after the switch, or should I start trying to pick up some of the warrior pieces from heroics/badges before WotLK comes out?

Armory seems to not be updating me for the last 4 days so I'll just list my current Tank gear if anyone can tell me are there any pieces I should replace with "warrior" gear.

Weapon--Continuum Blade (working on PvP Gavel, or just try Kings Def?)
Shield--from SSO exalted rep
Libram--increased Righteousness dmg
Helm--Tankatronic (engineering)
Neck--SSO exalted rep
Back--Cloak of Placation (badge item)
Chest--Stoic Guardian, this is one I'm kind of worried about (badge item)
Shoulders--Justicar T4
Wrist--Ancient Phalanx (badge item)
Gloves--Iron Maiden
Belt--Belt of the Guardian (crafted)
Legs--Legplats of the Aldor (badge item)
Feet--Sabatons of Righteous Defender (badge item)
Trinkets--Commendation of Kaelthas (heroic MgT) and Darkmoon Card
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Postby econ21 » Tue Oct 07, 2008 1:33 pm

They are re-itemising badge/raid/tier tanking gear, so you should be fine. If you are curious what your gear will look like, you can check it out by going to

Looking at your gear, the only thing that stands out for me is the weapon. From the sticky on weapon tps in the wotlk, the gavel will be slightly worse in 3.0 than say the slicer. But I reckon the King's defender will be the more rounded weapon - with some tanking stats - and so I would save my honour for level 80 gear if I were you. I would guess it will be markedly better than the continuum blade.

When 3.0 comes out, you will also want to check you are still uncrittable as we are losing a bit of defence through talents and re-itemisations.
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