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Postby Barathorn » Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:06 am

Gabrion wrote:Just to clarify one more time

1) There is no inner guild drama I'm hiding here - confidence issues maybe, but I don't know what to do about that since I tank heroics every night for these people without problems.

So your good enough for heroics but not for Karazhan? That is crazy.

2) Yes every MT in my guild is better geared than me. No, they have not come to the Kara runs I've been in. I pointed this out several times - the MT spot was pugged. Yes the people we filled with were better geared.

Sorry but why are you pugging people when you have people able to do the job? This just doesn't sound right to me.

3) No I don't have a problem being OT - I have a problem with an attitude of me not really being able to do anything useful because "I'm still wearing greens."

I fully understand this. But I don't think this is the reason you are having issues.

4) I have never once considered using a "competing tanks" method to solve this problem (for instance stealing mobs and what not). I'm a team player and I don't mind following along afk while getting free epics (although the latter hasn't been happening, but I'm sure it will soon).

Good call on being a team player, but the rest of your team have to understand your needs as well.

5) This was not a post about my guild specifically. For those of you taking it as another "should I /gquit because so-and-so did such-and-such in my guild', I apologize for the confusion. The guild itself just formed 3 weeks ago so we are obviously still working things out and getting comfortable with each other.

Again understandable, but make a stand now or be trodden underfoot for the rest of your life in this guild.

Once again, the point was that numbers are more important than colors. when I buff up in kara to get 17.5k HP with over 45% pure avoidance and obviously uncrush when needed, there is no reason to be overly concerned about green shoulders or ring.

No there isn't, so why aren't you being allowed to tank?

Let me give another example...tank goes afk right after killing attumen. I say no biggy I can pull all the trash up to moroes. RL says we better wait for the the MT. So we wait 10 minutes.

You needed to be forceful here, and grab every opportunity that presents itself.

But once again, this is not specifically a complaint about the guild or even that kara run. I get comments from people in heroics as well. The point being made is still just that I find it a little bit silly to worry about gear color (or item level requirements) when the gear in question provides the stats to do the job in question. Sorry I didn't make the point more clear in the OP...

I think all things considered, your guild wants quick Karazhan badge runs and for whatever reason do not see you as viable or have the confidence in you being able to achieve that. Speak to your R/L and get the opportunity, find out why they consider 17.5k and 45% not good enough. I honestly don't see how you can improve without Karazhan drops or badge rewards, spending money on crafted Epics this close to the expansion I wouldn't consider a viable option either.

I do feel for you, its a crap situation to be in.
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Postby Shields » Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:08 am

There is no reasn why the OP should have to wait 10 minutes for the MT to pull the trash between Attun and Moroes, that is just bad, really bad. Poor management by the raid leader, he obviously isn't very knowledable. UNless he has reservations about your ablity, which then would explain many of the issues you are having.

That being said, it appears that you are getting MTs that are better geared than you, which is gonna be a problem since only a fool would pick the lesser of two tanks for a boss.

I suggest you continue to upgrade your gear, but in the meantime stop your raid leaders from being such pussies. Seriously, you don't need the MT to pull trash and you don't need to CC mobs except maybe ushers.
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Postby elfjorc » Thu Sep 25, 2008 3:11 pm

*shrug* When I started solo tanking the place was when I started pulling. Next time it comes up, just tell your RL to get a dps and go for it. Cockiness isn't the greatest thing but sometimes it makes people feel you're confident in yourself.

Basically make sure healers are awake, only half your dps is afk and start pulling. Start working with your fellow tank to chainpull etc.
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Postby Fapman » Fri Sep 26, 2008 1:52 am

I have been a bit cocky in the past (mostly 'demanding' big pulls/boss tanking because I knew I could do it). had some people that didn't like me being 'overconfident' (not that I failed at what I promised to provide them), so I tuned that down a bit.

Yesterday I went with a SWP guild to MH/BT and had someone say that I tank with much confidence so it should be fine (which it turned out to be).
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