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Gear Advice for t5+

Postby Arbitus » Tue Aug 05, 2008 2:29 pm

I hate to post another "HOW GUD AM I?!" post, but i'd really appreciate some feedback on what to aim for since i don't have too many tankadin friends around.

Link to armory:

Basically my major concern is i still feel a tad squishy, i'd like to grab 4%+ more pure avoidance but i'm unsure how to grab it. General comments on gear would be much appreciated!

I know the t4 pieces aren't great, especially the pants, but I'm slightly worried about losing the set bonus, as it seems its a nice threat buffer. Currently im stocking badges for SWP badge pants, and running ZA for a shot at the helmet. Can anyone reassure me the the set bonus is no big loss? >_>

Trinkets are also a major concern, i currently have:
Figurine of the Collosus
Adamantite Figurine
Violet Eye Trinket
Argrassian Compass

I've run karazhan a godawful amount of times for moroes pocket watch but i cant seem to get lucky, i'd also like a Commendation of Kaelthalas, but the damn vial keeps dropping instead, (which i have equipped currently solely for aoe grinding low level instances for a friend) Is it too haorrible to roll with the compass and violet eye simply for the stam? with those and not counting kings, im sitting at 14997 hp and uncrushable.
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Postby Korbah » Tue Aug 05, 2008 3:16 pm

You have ridiculous amounts of block rating and not much real avoidance.. only ~46% avoidance.. >.< You're actually uncrushable without the BR libram.
I'd recommend picking up the badge ring and 2.4 badge pants at least, the t4 pants are really, really bad imo. :P

I'm not sure about the set bonus either, I use the t4 shoulders and hands. I guess I would look at a WWS, and then see the amount of damage done by my SoR..
I'll actually figure it right now, I have a few minutes to spare.
The only WWS I have recently is of one of our Hydross downings, so I'll use that.
My SoR did 26626 damage, so if I divided that by 1.1(t4 bonus is 10% SoR damage), I'd have done 24205 damage with my SoR. The extra bonus damage I did would be 26626-24205 = 2421 extra damage. That's roughly 4600 threat. 4600 threat divided by 370 seconds is about 12 tps.

So, for me, on Hydross, the 2pct4 would be worth around 12 tps. For different gear setups and/or fights it could be different. If I did any math wrong I'm really sorry. >.< and zomg, I don't know anything about SoV(if you use that) since I'm a belfadin, but I don't think the number would change that significantly.
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Postby Arbitus » Tue Aug 05, 2008 4:30 pm

it appears im full of fail, i thought the t4 bonus benefited your judgments as well as seals. I don't feel the least bit regretful in losing it now. I really appreciate the match crunching on SoR TPS. i dont have access to any recent WWS since ive only picked my paladin up after a 6mo break.

A lot of the excess Block rating came from grinding with FoTC on. It's normally 25.94% BR with my stam trinkets. Any other suggestions to what to replace would be welcome as well, im thinking the belt has got to go.
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Postby Gawron » Wed Aug 06, 2008 1:12 pm

The darkmoon card could be an easy (however costly) addition to your gear...unless you feel like farming HMgT for that trinket. :)

I plan on keeping my and replace the darkmoon with the commendation. The amount of threat this book generates for me is fantastic. I procs a lot!
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