Threat and Dodge Problems (I think)

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Threat and Dodge Problems (I think)

Postby Timp » Fri Jul 25, 2008 6:49 am


Basically, my question is, is there any way to improve my dodge / threat or am I maxed out? (Links to profiles at the end of the post.)

Problem I have is that I'm DPS capping my raid members. The guild I'm in are 4/5 MH and 4/9 BT. Sadly, I can't raid with them (or any other guilds on the server for that matter) due to time conflicts. The only raids I can make are the 2 Bear ZA runs we do each week. So I'm trying to squeeze out as much TPS with the gear available while still keeping uncrit/uncrush vs T6 players.

Raid Buffed (Tank (Dodge) Set), my spell is:
  • Base: 362
  • Flask: 80
  • Food: 23
  • Oil: 42
  • Sham Totem: 101
  • Destro Pot: 120
  • AW: *1.3
  • 943 (first ~15 secs though)
  • 608 (after AW/Destro used)

I currently push out about 1.2k TPS steady with spikes of 2k. But I'm still DPS capping my warlocks/mages in T6. I know its going to happen, obviously because of the gear gap, but are there any ways I can improve this? Should I be worrying about getting more dodge vs more spell dmg or am I basically maxed out with my options?

I've been thinking of buying either the Iron Tusk or Girdle of the Protector. If I buy Iron Tusk, I'll gain ~1.7 dodge but I'll lose the spell dmg. If I get the GotP, then I'll lose stam since I would have to regem for def (I'm hovering around 490 atm). I'm just not sure if its worth getting the dodge bonus or if its really a waste of badges and just keeping my current gear. We have received 11 bear mounts so far, so I know my gear is good enough to get them. I'm just trying to see if there's any type of upgrade I could get so I'm not DPS capping my members or if I should even try to get more dodge.

Block (Trash) Set

Tanking (Dodge) Set
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Postby Timp » Fri Jul 25, 2008 6:55 am


I have T4 Helm/Gloves/Shoulders plus ZA Mace if that helps any...
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Postby kanst » Fri Jul 25, 2008 7:47 am

With that much of a gear gap there will always be threat issues. But if you want to push your threat more, id think about getting a threat trinket. The 40 badge SD trink is nice, or if your in za a lot and the casters already have it the shrunken head is real nice. Just put it on for guys who dont crush in place of the pocketwatch.

I show your chest as unenchanted. Slap 15 def on that. By my calculations doing that you could drop the block rating libram for the Libram of Divine Purpose

Your dodge is fairly high, do you find yourself oom a lot in there?

I would say though that 1.2k tps is pretty solid for za and that your dps just needs to reign it in a lil

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Postby Timp » Fri Jul 25, 2008 7:59 am

Oh, sorry. Forgot to add the enchant when I was doing warcrafter. 15 Def is already there. :)

For threat trinks, I have Vengeance Card. Only time I usually use it though is in heroics.
Also, I'm a JC so I could make the Crimson Serpent. I'm not sure if it worth it since only Bear/Halazzi dont' crush and I'm tanking lynx on Halazzi anyways. Rest of the bosses I'm the off healer because we only bring 2 healers to start with.

As for going oom, not a problem. I'm usually in a group with spriest/mana tide sham so i'm topped off 80% of the time.

But, you say my dodge is high. Should I not try to get more dodge?
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