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[Healadin] 4.3 Haste rating change...

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[Healadin] 4.3 Haste rating change...

Postby poptart » Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:37 am

The "primary" purpose of designating the haste breakpoint of 1861 rating points for Healadins in patches 4.0 - 4.2 was to gain an extra tick of Holy Radiance. Sure, fast cast time on most of heals was good to but that particular point was choosen for the HR tick.

However, with the redesign of Holy Radiance in 4.3 (only 3 seconds of HoT) the amount of Haste required to gain an extra tick is going to be much lower. Theorywork over at EJ indicates that with the 9% Haste buff from Judging, you will only need 901 Haste rating in order to gain a 4th tick of Holy Radiance. A 5th tick of HR is not reached until like 3,400 Haste rating.

Which then begs the question, how much Haste are you shooting for in 4.3? Are you dropping just a little from 1861 rating? Dropping a lot? Putting it in Mastery? In Critically Strike? How much Spirit are you shooting for?

Just wondering. I don't know that I have formed an opinion yet.

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Re: [Healadin] 4.3 Haste rating change...

Postby Epimer » Tue Oct 18, 2011 12:09 am

With the disclaimer that I'm only a sometimes Holy Paladin, and as such I'm never guaranteed to be completely up to date on the theorycraft side of things, I won't be changing my gearing priorities in 4.3.

I've preferred Haste as my secondary stat of choice because, for this expansion so far, it's been the biggest throughput increase for single target healing, irrespective of its effect on Holy Radiance. Crit will still (as far as I know?) have a worse rating-per-% value than Haste and be unreliable, and even buffed I don't find Mastery particularly compelling (I'm willing to have my mind changed on this). So Haste still wins for me due to lack of better alternatives.

The actual outcome of this decision-making for me is limited to my reforging, though, since my Holy set is just whatever off-spec pieces I get from raids, so it's not an enormous difference either way. I also tend to overvalue Spirit because the part time nature of my healing means I'm not particularly efficient and extra Spirit is always beneficial for me. However, the practical implications are, again, limited to reforging; if I have a piece without Spirit on it I'm almost certainly going to reforge the least favoured secondary stat on the item to Spirit anyway.
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Re: [Healadin] 4.3 Haste rating change...

Postby Skye1013 » Tue Oct 18, 2011 1:45 am

I'm sure a big part of it will be determined on if the changes will make a holy pally viable for raid healing as opposed to always being tank healers. If raid healing becomes a possibility, then stacking more mastery (since HR is supposed to be affected by it?) seems probable.

Outside of that, I probably won't change my current gearing strategy (balance spirit/haste so I have the throughput but don't run out of mana.) As Epimer said, I haven't been focusing my gear around extra ticks of HR, and as a matter of fact, didn't realize that 1861 was the breakpoint. Though to be fair, I don't think I've even reached it (equipped ilvl ~356, see sig for more details.)
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Re: [Healadin] 4.3 Haste rating change...

Postby lythac » Tue Oct 18, 2011 2:24 am

What are the haste breakpoint for 5th and 6th tick under the effects of Heroism?
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