Ret PVP (post 4.0.6 and into 4.1)

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Re: Ret PVP (post 4.0.6 and into 4.1)

Postby Hrobertgar » Wed Aug 03, 2011 11:39 am

I'm holy myself, but I don't find that many RBGs to join as I mostly raid. PvP healing tends to be different than raid healing. Raid healing is all about maintaining mana for the end of the fight, whereas RBGs tend to be very quick and focus more on short term throughput, lots of Flash of Light.

I mostly do raids and only rarely have time to join a rated BG run, but my experience is that I need to be unobtrusive and stick close enough to my dps protection in an RBG to survive any amount of time. Opposing teams seem to identify a Holy Pally and think: 'Holy Pally, quick squash it!'

Random BGs can be a lot of fun however, although is often more of a supporting role and it is difficult to defeat an opponent quickly enough to defend a base solo. With good resilience, going against PvErs I can go 1v2 and hold out defensively and can even survive for a while even in a 1v3 situation. 1v4 is actually survivable if you are going against noobs that don't know how to interupt/stun, which can be fun sometimes (this situation only available in randoms). Even against a geared opponent (or two), if they don't interupt I am very tough to bring down. The nerf to instant exorcisms makes actually killing any enemy player with any non-trivial self heal very difficult and extremely time consuming. (This means Huntards are still fair game, but otherwise I try to be carefull whom I pick on) As Holy, I make a good flag runner in randoms as I can Beacon and Hand of Freedom myself as needed. Also, I get a convenient speed boost from Holy Radience. I once survived as FC until 10 stacks of vulnerability when 3 enemies jumped me (almost lived). Why my team could not down the enemy carrier before then is beyond me.

I think most people who have played both probably prefer ret, but I have been holy since lvl 68 and it works for me.
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Re: Ret PVP (post 4.0.6 and into 4.1)

Postby Nordix » Wed Aug 10, 2011 2:35 am

I pvp as ret,and after ~4 years of suckage,I finally reached 2k in 3s with frost dk+restosham+ret team. Out of 10 teams,7 has feral druids ,the rest is some nasty rmp or castercleave.Balance:\
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