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PvP Ret - The Arena!

Postby Donahu » Wed Sep 01, 2010 11:02 am

I have some questions specifically relating to pvp'ing as ret in arena if anyone here has some time and knowledge to share.

2's -

First issue I have is that I have to call the targets in each of the games. This is one aspect I could use some help with. My partner is a frost mage so you have an idea of our comp. I know - it's not the best, but it's not the worst partner for 2's. It's my *only* option so please don't suggest changing my comp :D. Currently, we just go for whoever has the least amount of survivability and try to kill them while the mage CC's/evades the other person.

Secondly, priority wise in the 2's I find our damage to be about the same and I am focusing more on a support role (being the only one able to heal/dispel) and am wondering if I should start shifting more for DPS and letting her take care of herself. I use Seal of Righteousness for 2's and Judgement of Justice. I prioritize Divine Storm, then Crusader Strike, then Judgement (so my Judgement isn't eaten by shields). I use AoW procs for flash of light on myself or her if below 80% and exorcism only if we're both full or when we are going for the kill. Should I be using them full time with our comp?

Gearing for 2's - Currently I run 3 piece relentless, 2 piece tier 10(264) and turn off my helm graphic so they don't know I'm even partially PvE geared :P. Wrathful neck/cape/bracer/belt and Saronite crafted DPS boots. 277 ICC Agi ring, 277 ICC Str/Exp (Gunship) ring. Resilience PvP trinket, and Tiny Abom. I use the 226 Libram for more Divine Storm dmg and Shadow's Edge. Glyphs - SoRAre there any glaring issues anyone sees here that need to be looked at?

3's -

Valid comps with Ret + Frost? Right now I'm looking at a resto/ele shaman or a combat/mut rogue as they are the ones I could more easily convince to arena with me in 3's. There are a lot of guildies out there though so I'm open to suggestions and will try to figure out if I know anyone to fit the "best" bill there.

3's strategy - Anything different from 2's that I should be doing besides using Seal of Command instead of Seal of Righteousness?

3's gearing - Again, anything different from 2's that I should be changing out?

In general the biggest thing that has been holding us back has been time but our raiding is cutting back due to Cataclysm and PvP has always been one of those things that we've wanted to get around to. Now that we have the time, we want to be good :D.
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Re: PvP Ret - The Arena!

Postby Angelarc6570 » Sun Oct 03, 2010 2:49 am

Its a bit late on the response, but hey, its 3 am here, might as well :D


What you are doing is fine, from the sounds of it. You are basically playing the role of DPS and offhealer at the same time, which is what Ret is made for in 2's at the moment. Time your attacks with her burst, dispel dispel kite kite, reuse/recycle.

DS should not be your main attack, so the 226 libram isn't your best choice. Either the 264 (CS >> Str) or picking up the furious gladiator+ librams. They both give you straight up AP which boosts not only your attacks, but your heals a bit too.

How much resil do you run with? Human? Blood Elf? PRESSING QUESTIONS MAN. COME ON :P I usually try to stick to around 800 resil, but more doesnt hurt. Problem with that, obviously, is if they focus you, you will be trucked. Just try to find that nice balance that you feel comfortable with and run with it.


Ret/Frost/Disc Priest is a very good comp, dispels like crazy, Mass Dispel, but both the mage and the priest have to be really good to make it work, as w/o the MS, all you have is Control. If I were you, and if you could'nt find a priest, the resto shaman would be more ideal (although, Ret/Rogue/Mage would be kinda fun)

Dont use SoC, you are not there for overall damage, you are there for BURST and supporting your teammates, which unfortunatly, SoC does neither well. SoRs judgement hits much harder, especially if you spec accordingly. Other than that, CC plays a much heavier roll, especially if you run with a priest, if you run w/ the rogue, than its more about timeing your attacks and chaining the CC together at the right times. Got that priest low, but see that mage about to sheep your rogue? Repentance his Gnome ass.

Stuff like that. I know the arena season ends soon, but you still have some time to play around with it. Good Luck!
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