[Holy - PvE] Thoughts on going back tot he FoL spam...

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[Holy - PvE] Thoughts on going back tot he FoL spam...

Postby sherck » Mon Apr 05, 2010 5:52 am

Was lamenting the lack of Haste/MP5 itemization on ICC gear and as I was looking down my list of gear for Bloodlight, realized that I actually had more Crit rating (750) than Haste rating (742). It got me thinking about my days as a FoL spammer in early T7 days so I pulled out the calculator and saw...

Static crit rating + gear + talents + Glyph of FoL got me to 43.60% crit rate on FoL. If I ended up switching my secondary tree from Prot back to Ret, I could end up getting an extra 8% Crit and would be at 51.60% Crit rate on FoL.

Add in the + 50% Crit rate from SS and I am guarenteed to crit FoL every time on the tank I am healing (and by extension, my Beacon tank). Even without changing gemming/consumables around to maximize SP, I was hitting the tank this morning in a PoS PuG with 6.7k FoL on EVERY CAST which since I am over the haste soft-cap, are 1.0 sec casts.

Rawr says that my FoL crits will be over 7k each in a 25-man raid setup which is the environment that I would expect to potentially use this in. 10-mans require too much off-healing of the raid to be able to always hit your SS with your FoL. However, in 25s, you are pretty much healing 1 tank with having your Beacon on a 2nd tank.

Is 7k HPS on the tanks sufficient for ICC-25-Reg which is all I PuG anymore due to only needing 4 drops left in there (Damn you Rotface, drop my dang chestpiece)?

Holy Shock for off-tank healing and since I have not changed anything in my setup except for switching my Beacon glyph for FoL, I can still drop to Holy Light spam when required (Festergut after 3rd inhale).

Plus, the kicker for me in the long run is that since Illumination is guarenteed to proc, each FoL is only costing you 206 mana for 14k potential healing on your two tanks which is an INSANE low cost.

Thoughts about FoL once you reach guarenteed crit levels with it ?

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Re: [Holy - PvE] Thoughts on going back tot he FoL spam...

Postby Flex » Mon Apr 05, 2010 8:53 am

7K seems quite low for a FoL crit. Our holy paladin crits for 9K with his FoL, I believe it is the Holy/Prot build, with sub-optimal gear/gem selection.
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Re: [Holy - PvE] Thoughts on going back tot he FoL spam...

Postby Doogiehowser » Tue Apr 06, 2010 6:30 am

I heal as a disco priest in our 25 man runs and you aren't the only tank healer. Druids will drop hots on your tank, shammies chain heal through the tanks, and I know I keep up shields and penance on cooldowns on the tank so yes, you can definitely keep up a tank at 7k HpS.

You should be fine. I remember posting about my FoL numbers when Baelor asked about it. That was 10 man worthy and you are much more geared than my pally so go for it.
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