[Druid-Resto] Lifebloom or Rejuv?

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[Druid-Resto] Lifebloom or Rejuv?

Postby Epimer » Wed Oct 21, 2009 3:40 pm

I'm butting heads with another officer in my guild who - I feel - is giving out erroneous advice concerning a few things. I hope any part- or full-time tree healers around here could help me out with a point of discussion.

It's my understanding that the "Lifebloom or Rejuv?" debate has come down on the side of Rejuv.
For tank healing, the answer is probably "both". Is there any reason why you wouldn't want to keep a full stack of Lifebloom ticking (or letting it bloom) as well as a Rejuv?

For raid healing, any calculations which have Lifebloom as being more HPM or HPS than Rejuv seem to operate under the assumption that the bloom part isn't going to overheal. That just seems naive to the point of being outright incorrect in a "real world" situation to me. The argument that the bloom portion is useful in topping up raid members through large amounts of damage also seems to be redundant when compared to Rejuv; Swiftmend is a more directed, on-demand way to instantly heal someone up who's close to dying. The final benefit of Rejuv is that due to its long duraction you can stack it on >10 people without much trouble, keeping a decent HoT buffer on the entire raid.

Are any of my assertions or assumptions incorrect?
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Re: Resto Druid - Lifebloom or Rejuv?

Postby Levantine » Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:35 pm

Yes, AFAIK Rejuv > LB for raid healing in Lich King.
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Re: Resto Druid - Lifebloom or Rejuv?

Postby hoho » Thu Oct 22, 2009 1:48 am

Lifebloom is only useful as raid-healing when you know others won't snipe your heals and even then you can cover MUCH less people than you can with rejuv.
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Re: [Druid-Resto] Lifebloom or Rejuv?

Postby actionj » Fri Oct 23, 2009 4:21 am

you have to take in to account your glyphs as well as mana consumption bolth have there pros/ cons
not taking in to account glyphs

life bloom has a short duration with a high mana cost but good emergency heal due to the bloom but with good timing you can get a stack on a tank you know will be taking mass dmg soon but the mana and time needed to keep the 3 stack up plus rejuv and regrowth wild growth and nourish there is not enough time or to keep them all going

rejuv good HOT low mana and low maintance. nessicery for tank heals along with regrowth and they both buff nurish without glyphing

when I tank heal I regrowth rejuv and nourish where needed I also throw in wild growth during AOE dmg to take care of some of the melee

wild growth is your friend best mana to heal ratio and buffs your rejuvenate when you glyph for it

as for the debate its going to come down to number cruntching if the tank dosent die then who cares if you use life bloom or rejuvenation use what works for you

if you have a giant man pool with enough mana return to not care shure life bloom you heart out but for the mana cost I find SP mixed with rejuve to be my best friend
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Re: [Druid-Resto] Lifebloom or Rejuv?

Postby Shathus » Tue Oct 27, 2009 12:03 pm

I was resto druid through 3.1 then finally got to switch to my pally a few weeks into 3.2, but I would agree Rejuv > LB overall. Especially with all the idols and set bonuses lately have seemed to be buffs around rejuv. When I got my T8 4pc, rejuv was simply awesome, instant 1.5k heal (though 800 now after the nerf) and is cheap to cast. In Hodir, I would just hot up all 10 members before a frozen blow.

Not to say lifebloom is bad... always let it bloom unless you just have mana to spare and you're bored I guess. Though it was also nice to see 20k LBx3 crits, definitely handy for keeping a tank alive.

As someone mentioned earlier, the trick with hots is always gonna be, what other healer will snipe them. If a priest casts flash heal (or whatever they use) and bring someone up to full after only 1 tick, it doesnt really matter what you casted.
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Re: [Druid-Resto] Lifebloom or Rejuv?

Postby Hokahey » Tue Oct 27, 2009 12:47 pm

The general modus operandi for Resto Druids healing the general raid environ is Wild Growth every cooldown and Rejuv spam. Or so I have heard.
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