[PvE Priest] Question on stats and gear

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Re: [PvE Priest] Question on stats and gear

Postby hoho » Sun Oct 18, 2009 7:00 am

hoho wrote:As disc I'd go for spellpower>int=crit>haste>mp5>spirit>rest. I value spellpower so high because I'm mostly on raid and shields only scale with spellpower. High longevity is important as shield spam eats through your mana FAST. Crit is good for the moments you spam something else besides shields, haste not so much as you'll get 25% of it on every shield cast.

For regen int is far superior to anything else, especially thanks to talents boosting it by 15%. MP5 is better than spirit because we get zero benefit from spirit as disc and for regen raw mp5 is much better.
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Re: [PvE Priest] Question on stats and gear

Postby bzzt » Thu Oct 22, 2009 4:53 pm

All good advice (<3 my priest). One thing that probably bears mentioning though; early on in your gearing you're really going to have lots of room until you soft-cap your haste (~420ish haste), and prior to soft-capping it's still a phenominal stat (I'd suggest it over crit even, particularly in a 5 man setting). Crit is more for a raid setting & getting effective mitigation in heavy damage situations (where overheal gets high). In a 5 man as the only healer and relatively low damage, you won't be overhealing *that* much so it's value is about the same or even a little less than haste.

And really, when it comes down to it, haste over the softcap as disc raids is still very very good, b/c in that setting, most of the utility of borrowed time isn't from pairing it with fh, it's with GH, penance, & PoH (which won't cap before you gcd does).
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Re: [PvE Priest] Question on stats and gear

Postby sherck » Fri Oct 23, 2009 5:33 am

Now level 74 had have been sick the past three days (read off work) so I got in a lot of mid-day instance runs as Disc healing.

Man, is it fun. I love being able to go a whole reg DTK/VH/Gun run without having to sit and drink one time. If it is a tank and spank, I spend more time doing DPS than healing most times because my PW:S is just that thick and I know I can "catch up" healing quick with Penance. With my crit rate, it is a rare Penance that I do not crit at least once and I typically get around 6k in heals off that single spell. Since most of my tanks have around 12-14k health (and I get a Divine Aegis proc off of it), it is just a HUGE make up spell.

If it is an AoE damage fight, I just keep up chain shields on the party and heal the tank through it. I know shield spam is suppose to kill your mana, but I run with around 12k mana at level 74 and just never seem to run out.

And Binding heal? Like having your own personal Beacon of Light !! I LOVE that spell. It is now my #1 "go to" spell when I get damaged insteand of Desperate Prayer or Lifebloom which have been staples of my leveling process. May make me not want to talent into Desperate Prayer anymore but I don't know where that 1 point would do more good.

Anyway, Disc is serious fun and I am glad that I listened to you and made the switch. I am still going to go Holy healing as well at level 80 for dual-spec both healing specs but I am liking this a ton.

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