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[Prot-PvP] Help with Holy / Prot PvPaladin Build...

Ret, Holy, PVP, etc

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[Prot-PvP] Help with Holy / Prot PvPaladin Build...

Postby kingharbromm » Tue Sep 22, 2009 8:23 pm

Greetings everyone!

I've been playing around on the PTR for about two weeks now honing my strategy as a PvProt Paladin. I have two builds I've been considering playing. The first is 0/54/17. It works great! The damage put out by a prot paladin is amazing! It's a lot of fun to play.

The second build I'm really struggling with is 11/53/7 ( I'm really having a difficult time playing this build. Frankly, I don't find Aura Mastery worth it. It only lasts about 10 seconds (if that!). The dps is hampered by not having the extra 8% critical strike chance. The healing portion of this build (I'm assuming that it is designed to survive rather than destroy by the holy talent inclusion) is mediocre. Most of all, lack of Pursuit of Justice is a MAJOR concern.

Now, you might say, "what's the problem? Just play the first build!"

That'd be fine, but I'd really like to at least know how to play the latter. I have a character concept in my mind for the holy/prot build & it was working great until I tried it on the PTR.

Any advice on how to make a holy/prot hybrid that's reasonable in PvP would be great. What gear should I use? What tactics should I use?

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Re: [Prot-PvP] Help with Holy / Prot PvPaladin Build...

Postby DisRuptive1 » Thu Nov 19, 2009 10:25 pm

The latter sucks. Chances are, if you're putting more than 7 points into the Holy tree, you should probably be going with a more Holy-focused build that dips into Prot rather than vice versa. Try not to do two things at once. Focus on either healing or dpsing and you'll be successful.
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Re: [Prot-PvP] Help with Holy / Prot PvPaladin Build...

Postby Devistasion » Fri Nov 20, 2009 10:27 am

Yes the ProtPvP healing build is for survivability. Using the prot abilities to slow down the DPS that will be aiming for you. AS is going to be a great asset, not only to you by slowing a rogue that is raping you but say your DPS is chasing their healer and you can throw down the AS and slow him/her down long enough for your MS warrior to put them to rest lol. This build brings utility to an arena team as well as the healing aspect.

I only played this spec for a short time when I was helping a few friends who needed a 3v3 healer. As you could see if you armory me I don't PvP that often on my pally but I did a lot of research when my friends asked me to join their 3v3 team. So I hope this helps.
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