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[Disco Priest- PvE] T8 2pc Set Bonus

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[Disco Priest- PvE] T8 2pc Set Bonus

Postby Doogiehowser » Fri Sep 11, 2009 8:53 am

I've leveled my priest to 80 and I have switched over to discipline healing. I absolutely love it. I know I'm still learning a lot about it all since I leveled as shadow but it's been great to be healing again with what seems like a very large "tool box" as compared to my pally healer. (This isn't a dig at pally healing.)

So now that I'm beginning to collect conquest badges, I don't know if the 2pc set bonus to the T8 gear for disco priests is beneficial to my character. (Set: Increases the critical heal chance of your Prayer of Healing by 10%.)

How often is Prayer of Healing used by a disco healer when running primarily heroics? Is the bonus useful to disco priests? I haven't come across an instance where I'm strapped on AoE healing due to the awesomeness of PW: Shield which I toss freely around the group. (but I am admittedly new when it comes discipline healing)

Edit: (I can see the spell's usefulness on Loken obviously where you can cast a PW:S to get Borrower Time and then cast PoH for the haste buff however the actual set bonus is what I'm grappling with.)

If this isn't much of a use as a disco healer, I'll probably just save up badges for runed orbs or what not and try to slowly collect my triumph badges for the T9 gear. I haven't seen it be mentioned on elitistjerks or plusheal much but didn't know if I was overlooking something. Thanks for the help in advance.
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Re: [Disco Priest- PvE] T8 2pc Set Bonus

Postby katraya » Fri Sep 11, 2009 9:18 am

I think part of the issue is whether or not you think you'll be able to get 2 more pieces from pugging or VoA. The 4pc bonus is awesome for disc priests.

The 2pc is ok, but not amazing. PoH is your only real option for AoE healing, but since it was nerfed it isn't as strong as it used to be and disc doesn't have any talents to really boost it. Since disc priests should already have pretty high crit I don't know what a huge difference 10% more would do but remember the crits will hep with DA.

I've been holy for ages though, so maybe someone else can give you better advise.
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Re: [Disco Priest- PvE] T8 2pc Set Bonus

Postby Jedah » Fri Sep 11, 2009 9:20 am

I heal on my wife's disc priest sometimes, and I rarely use Prayer of Healing. The only times that jump out in my mind are Loken and Black Knight Phase 3. I'd say that looking at it frmo a purely "5 man heroic" perspective, it is of little use. Raiding might be a different story, I couldn't say.
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Re: [Disco Priest- PvE] T8 2pc Set Bonus

Postby Morningrise » Fri Sep 11, 2009 12:31 pm

The 2 pc bonus for disc T8/8.5 isn't that great. The 4 pc is where it's at.

That said, with Emblems of Triumph being fairly easy to obtain via the Heroic Daily & both VoA10 & 25 each week, not to mention the amount you get by wading into ToC10/25 (our guild is working on consistently downing Faction Champions)... I would start looking to the T9 or T9.25 2 pc bonus for Prayer of Mending, which gets hella more usage than Prayer of Healing ever will as disc. The 4pc T9 is much nicer as well, imo.
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