[Holy - PvE] Let me be clear on gear choices....

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[Holy - PvE] Let me be clear on gear choices....

Postby sherck » Wed Sep 09, 2009 4:35 am

My "retired" main is a Holy Paladin (with Shockadin as 2nd spec for dailies and boosting low level noobs).

I just did a server change and faction change in order to bring him to the server of my new main (for his gold) and so I could play with family every now and then until my new main gets to level 80.

Bloodlight is in full Naxx-25 gear with a few pieces of Ulduar-10 Mail thrown in. If you armory him, he has Spell Power trinkets, the EoH Libram and the Helm of Veiled Energies instead of his current helm/Libram/trinkets for his Holy set. Everything else is the same. Main focus is on Haste and Crit as my secondary stats (I avoided MP5 like the plague, previously).

After reading the thread on moving from a Holy/Ret talent spec to a Holy/Prot talent spec and not concentrating on Crit, I am wondering how out of date my gear set is and do you think I need to "update" it in order to run Ulduar/ToC with family/friends? I am fine to respec to a Holy/Prot setup but my gear is still orienated towards Crit instead of MP5.

Thanks in advance for any discussion.

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Re: [Holy - PvE] Let me be clear on gear choices....

Postby Shoju » Wed Sep 09, 2009 4:50 am

It's not like you are going to be ineffective as holy + ret. You will just have more buttons, more utility, a better sacred shield as holy + prot.

The best thing to do would be to respec it and try it. the worst it would be is 100g in respec if you respec a lot.
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