[PvE - Feral Kitty DPS and Threat]

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[PvE - Feral Kitty DPS and Threat]

Postby iobi » Mon Aug 24, 2009 3:04 pm


Besides raiding with my Tank/Retadin, I sometimes get to raid as Boomkin and or Feral Kitty. Lately, it's been more Kitty than Boomkin. One thing I noticed quite frequently is how fast I can catch the tank in threat more than my Ret Paladin. They both do similar DPS (Between 4-6K fight dependent), but my Pally can bubble and Divine Sacrifice and threat is almost non-existent.

My kitty has one button called "Cower", but this button seems to be useless at best. Within about 5-6 hits, I'm right back there with the tank specially if RIP or Rake is still ticking which is almost always happening. I also notice that if for some reason the MT and/or OT dies, next one in line is, you guessed it, me.

I know that being melee, I have 100% threat cap vs 130% for casters (i think). My question is, should I start enchanting my cloak for the TBC enchant of "less threat" rather than speed/agility?

Do I find better tanks, do I employ more "auto attacks" and skip rotations?

Thanks for reading and I hope to find a solution to this predicament I am in. I always hear/read about Kitty dps going over 6K and surviving to tell about it.

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Re: [PvE - Feral Kitty DPS and Threat]

Postby Candiru » Tue Aug 25, 2009 6:05 am

Kitties should have the same threat modifier as ret paladins, so you shouldn't take agro any more easily unless you are doing more DPS.

Cover isn't a very useful button, but its at least better than nothing since it lets you still white attack.

One of my feral druids normally shouts for a salvation or intervene on vent when other tanks are tanking, so get your paladins/warriors to help you out.

I assume LOTP heals don't generate threat for you like JoL? if that does create threat, you might want to spec out of imp.lotp.
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