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Question about 3.2 Healing

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Question about 3.2 Healing

Postby andx » Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:35 am

Would gemming/enchanting into Spell Power/Int in the respective slots using mp5/Spell Power and healing primarily using Flash of light work for 10 mans? Especially due to the nerf to our crit mana regen, casting FoL on a SS target with the beacon elsewhere seems more mana efficient. Especially if you can get enough SP to pop off a 7k FoL. Using HL and HS in pinch spots.

Maybe I just have a disease or an addiction to tanking, my gf says I'm a masochist I say I like it rough, either way I'm a tank and I can't escape it.
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Re: Question about 3.2 Healing

Postby Shoju » Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:47 pm

I heal in 10 mans a lot. I still have my gear gemmed with int. The changes did nothing to make us stop gemming int. We still triple dip into int as a healer.

I throw less HL now, but If you think you can get to 7k FoL's, and keep a tank up like that, more power to you. I know on a lot of fights, I'm still dropping HL's fairly consistently.

Healing Uld10 / ToC 10 right after 3.2
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