Which kind of healer?

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Re: Which kind of healer?

Postby rodos » Mon Aug 17, 2009 1:17 am

Yes, I think shadow levelling is not what it once was. Wand Spec, we miss you *sniff*. When I did it (BC era), my biggest efficiency was using imp. VE and dropping PW:S completely. In WotLK I pretty much dropped SW Pain from the list too - just VT, VE, MB, Flay, Flay, maybe wand some if not dead.

Another good tip I picked up somewhere is to quest and grind on green level mobs. The exp. reduction isn't that much, and the efficiency is just so much better because you don't get hurt so much and the mobs go down faster (i.e. less mana used). For all my levelling (any class) I try to follow Jame's Guide about 2 levels ahead of where he he is. You can generally fly through with little to no down time and with all the XP buffs I generally don't run out of quest or need to run any of the dungeons. If you find yourself slipping, just start to kill everything in your path as you move between quest sites.
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Re: Which kind of healer?

Postby sherck » Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:46 pm

I have to agree....my Priest is level 51 and I rip through mobs (1v1) with little down time as a mostly Holy / Disc guy.

My spec:

Shadow (10 pts):
3/3 Spirit Tap
5/5 Darkness (for SW:P and DP) ** + 10% Damage to Shadow Spells
2/2 Imp Shadow Word: Pain

Holy (17 pts):
5/5 Holy Specialization
5/5 Divine Fury
1/1 Desparate Prayer (this plus the Herbalism Lifebloom is great for low mana self healing)
4/4 Whatever floats your boat. I did 3/3 Imp Renew and 1/5 Spell Warding but whatever works for you
2/2 Searing Light ** + 10% Damage to Holy Spells

Disc: Run down the tree improving your shields, mana regen and untility as far as you can to level 80.

My combat rotation is (if I am killing a mob above my level):
Holy FIre
Smite (glyphed)
Smite (glyphed)
Wand till dead
wait the full 15 seconds for Spirit Tap to end while I move into position to kill the next guy.

If I am killing a mob at or below my level, I drop the 2x Smite spells and just wand to death.

With this rotation, I rarely have a mob get through my shield before they are dead; unless they are elite.

If they are elite, I drop a fear on them as they expend my Shield, keep alternating Smite end Holy Fire and shield up as they return to engage me.

And with waiting for the Spirit Tap to expire before engaging the next mob, I am rearely below 75% mana.

Good luck.
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Re: Which kind of healer?

Postby Doogiehowser » Mon Aug 17, 2009 2:15 pm

I found leveling my priest who is currently sitting at 65 for the past 3 months (stupid enjoyable feral dps toon) to be very mana friendly.

I typically tried to pick up all the mana saving talents and did the following:

MF x 2
(Maybe another MB if you want to)

Chances are, mobs would be close to 10-25% health and wanding them will get you out the 5 second rule by the time they die so your mana regen will be even better when you get the Spirit Tap buff.

I learned from my pally that it is slow and steady that wins the race.

Don't use PW: P, you won't get the benefit of all the ticks and it's a mana hog. Mind Flay is cheap as can be. Mind Blast could crit so you could proc the IST.

It will seem like things take longer (which will be the case) but it's better than sitting down for an extra 15-20 seconds to drink and taking up valuable bag space and gold for the needless water. You don't need to burst them down.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Which kind of healer?

Postby Arees » Mon Aug 17, 2009 2:23 pm

I got the BoA shoulders last night with badges and I'm going to get the BoA chest today with champions Seals and put +4 stats on it before I send it to my priest. I think the weapon will be a big help too, but it'll probably be about a week before I have enough badges/seals to get it.

I decided last night to use this toon as an herber, so I learned it and went back and got it up to 75 before I logged off. Gonna level it in wetlands until I can herb the stuff in STV where I'm questing. You can get epic mounts at level 40 now right? That would be so nice... to bad I wont have it in time for stv... that place sucks even with a mount.

I haven't decided yet if I want his 2nd profession to be alchemy or inscription, but I probably will just not worry about it at all... he will just be an alt after all and I don't plan on ever raiding 25 mans with him except maybe a few pugs.
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Re: Which kind of healer?

Postby hoho » Tue Aug 18, 2009 2:08 am

On all my caster toons I've always stacked a ton of spellpower. That way boomkin/mage can 2-3 shot mobs before they reach him and priest/lock can run around dotting everything in sight. The faster you kill stuff the less damage you take and less mana you use overall :)
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