[prot warrior] trying to tank heroics

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Re: [prot warrior] trying to tank heroics

Postby Brute » Tue Sep 08, 2009 8:11 am

I recently busted out the warrior, got him to 80, and started gearing him. Jagdpanther on Uther if you want to armory me... he's been 80 for like two weeks or something... I feel like he's doing pretty good but he's still got some old gear and blues (Brutal Gladiator's ranged slot FTL).

Warrior tanking is waaaaay different than pally tanking. Where to start...

1) You have a very different toolbox than a paladin. You have 3 different charge type moves (all of which you should be using since you can use them all in Defensive Stance), a short CD interupt, an AOE stun, and the ability to use threat moves on your weapon swings in addition to GCD moves. You don't have BoP, AD, Judgement of Light, Divine Shield, or Divine Sacrifice.

2) You don't have a "rotation", except maybe as an opener. You have a priority list. All your abilities are on short cooldowns except for Devastate, so you'll end up using that when everything else is on CD, and the others like Revenge, Shield Slam, and Shockwave whenever you can. You also need to keep your debuffs up, so Demo Shout on a regular basis, and TC whenever its about to fall off (single target) or whenever you can (AOE tanking) since it causes a lot of threat in addition to slowing attack speeds. Demo Shout and TC mitigate a lot of damage, especially on AOE packs, where their effect is on each mob, and there they are much more powerful than Vindication and Judgments of the Just.

3) Abilities on melee strikes: This is a huuuge, and necessary, buff to your threat. If you're tanking a boss or several mobs, its nearly impossible to run out of rage, so put that rage to work: Cleave/HS on every single melee attack. Mine are on Shift+1/Shift+2, and i hit that between pretty much every attack. I have Cleave glyphed so it hits 3 things.

4) You don't have a short CD taunt that will get multiple targets. Instead of using RD, you'll end up doing things like: Intervene the guy that pulled 3 mobs->Taunt on 1st, Intercept/Mocking Blow a 2nd, and Concussive Blow/Shield Slam on the 3rd. This creates a much more hectic play style, and you life will be much easier if you just DON'T pick up stray packs until you get really good at controlling them and anticipate their arrival, using your cooldowns accordingly. Charge in, TC, Shockwave, and start cleaving immediately to get good agro established on one pack at a time. Don't think that you can easily pick up an entire stray pack when you first start using your warrior... you can't. Your TC and shockwave will be on CD when the pat comes, every time. They will go straight for the healer and you will wipe. You don't have AS/RD/Consecrate to glue things to you whenever you feel like it.

5) Casters get a lot more fun to tank. Alternate between Spell Reflect and Shield Bash to basically shut casters down (except for bosses, many of whose spells don't get interrupted or reflected).

6) AOE Tanking is NOT your regular rotation. You need to make sure you're TC every CD, Shockwave every CD, Cleave every Melee hit, and hopefully you took the Sunder Armor glyph (which works with Devastate, BTW). Shield Slam and revenge take a much lower priority since you're prioritizing AOE abilities on your GCDs and not those single target abilities. After you kill off all the adds, the AOE abilities once again take a back seat to the single target abilities, which cause much higher threat on that one target.

Basically the Warrior is a class that reacts to situations rather than planning all his moves ahead of time like the Paladin. This means you need to be on your toes a lot more than the Paladin. You also have a lot more abilities that you'll use situationally, and you need to get used to pulling those out of your hat, and have the important ones hotkeyed for easy access when things are falling apart and you don't have time to click. Once you get through the initial learning curve, you will have a ton of fun tanking with him. The fast-paced style is a welcome change after tanking on the Paladin for months. In my opinion, they are both very good tanks, but they have much different playstyles so only you can decide which one you like better, and only after extensive experience on both. I just decided to gear them both up since I have a lot of fun on both.
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