[Ret-PVE]SoR or SoC?

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[Ret-PVE]SoR or SoC?

Postby Arnock » Sun Aug 09, 2009 10:45 pm

What with all the changes that happened in 3.2 to ret having to stack vengeance to get any damage, I was wondering what would be better for trash or fights that required lots of target switching or downtimes in DPS (I.e. emalon or heigan)

Righteousness, or Command?

and if you use righteousness, would it be worth it to use the righteousness glyph?

Also, is consecration or avenging wrath generally considered the better option for the 3rd glyph slot (SoV and Judgement taking the other 2)
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Re: [Ret-PVE]SoR or SoC?

Postby majiben » Mon Aug 10, 2009 5:09 am

You should be glyphing the following two glyphs always:


Then you can use the following with conditions:
SoV - If you have less than 23 expertise skill without this glyph. The premier choice
SoR- Only if the fight calls for this and should not be kept in your set generally. Swap this back out when done with that fight. Might be useful for a heroics set.
Exorcism- If you have a glut of expertise and are not using SoV.

The AW glyph is not better than any of the above listed and is a choice for several reasons I'll not go into at this time.

SoR will be you choice secondary seal for PvE as it scales better than SoC and barring unusual gearing situations (ilvl 187 blues with a 232 weapon) SoR is superior. Now remember it's not down time that makes SoR a better choice for a fight than SoV, it's switching targets rapidly, faster than 30 seconds (a bit longer if you lack a shaman/DK haste buff). So while emalon might just barely qualify as a SoR fight (though if you get off the add early and back on the boss SoV wins), heigan does not.
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