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[Prot-PvP] How are things with 3.2?

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[Prot-PvP] How are things with 3.2?

Postby Sonic » Thu Aug 06, 2009 1:13 pm

So I'm looking for the few people who love to pvp as prot. I was in the process of collecting a BV set before the patch and had fun with it in BG and world pvp. Wasn't geared enough to seriously try out arena. I could hit a 10.5k ShoR crit with wings and bewfest BV trinket up (on a dummy or pve mob. NEver that high due to resilience). Since the whole band-aid on band-aid fix with 3.2, my ShoR crit is something like 8.6k with wings and trinket. Sure I gained a bit over 1k BV for actual mitagation but it seesm kinda pointless now.

And with the change to resilience it seems rather pointless to even try since that damage is gonna be something like 5k crit if not lower. Not that melee is any harder with the changes but losing burst vs casters sucks. So what's the best setup to prot pvp now? Stay in BV gear? Start collecting scaled resilience gear? Or cry and just off-spec to ret for pvp?
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Re: [Prot-PvP] How are things with 3.2?

Postby Faids » Thu Aug 06, 2009 5:43 pm

Stack BV up to the ShoR cap and then start putting in ret/crit gear.

See this prot pally: ... p&n=Jasmyn

I would replace the PVP items with high end PVE items from ulduar and the new raid bosses.
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