[Holy][PVE]"spamming holy light?"

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[Holy][PVE]"spamming holy light?"

Postby Arnock » Thu Jul 23, 2009 11:02 am

So, I've seen on the forums and heard from various holy paladins that FoL spam is done, and when you're raiding, you spam holy light.

Now, I'm having a hard time believing this, so I was wondering what kind of gear levels do you need in order to keep up Holy light spam

My main spec is prot, so I don't have much experience with holy, and I am genuinely curious about this.

Now, my gear isn't great, but It's decent, a mixture of naxx10, heroic epics, and a couple of pieces of pvp gear. And I'm missing a few enchants at the moment of testing.

In case my armory isn't holy at the moment, here are my stats

With kings, I have 21169 mana, 33.42% holy crit, 11% haste (not counting JotP),116 Mp5, and 1794 spell power.
spec is http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#sxAzxG0sVu0tgdZVcbx0h

So I decided to try and see how long I could keep up full holy light spam

Without using divine plea, or arcane torrent, I lasted 50 seconds before going oom

Using divine plea on cooldown, arcane torrent, divine illumination, and my trinket, I lasted 1 minute, 43 seconds
If I had replenishment, I would have gotten around 5200 mana in that time period, so I would have been able to get 4-5 more holy lights off, so let's assume lasting 1:50 if I had replenishment.

Now, I understand that I would have lasted longer with raid buffs such as moonkin aura and arcane intellect, but even then, I probably could not last a whole fight on nothing but holy light spam, So I'm curious, at what gear level would I be able to sustain this oft-mentioned spam of holy light?
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Re: [Holy][PVE]"spamming holy light?"

Postby Spectrum » Thu Jul 23, 2009 11:24 am

Well, there are a few factors. First is that you will almost never really "spam" HL. You will wait until it is needed and cast it then, which means you will periodically have a few breaks in your casting. Also, don't discount Illumination. With raid buffs you'll probably be critting 5-10% more than you are now, and an illuminated HL with Glyph of Seal of Wisdom and the cost-reducing libram costs next-to-nothing. If you pop the cost-reduction cooldown you can actually gain mana (I think).

The other thing is to melee whenever possible. Melee + SoW = infinite mana. There are plenty of places you can melee to great effect. Just remember to run out of shock blasts.

Even the "HL spammers" will cast FLs and Holy Shocks if the targets don't need full HLs. It's just that even with a few of those it still does over 50% of my healing.

Your gear is probably fine. MP5 isn't a big deal. Just stack intellect like crazy to get the maximum out of DP, Replenishment, and SoW.
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Re: [Holy][PVE]"spamming holy light?"

Postby amh » Fri Jul 24, 2009 4:36 am


<- self-proclaimed off-spec holy newbie

Gear-level, or rather proper itemization, has a lot to say for your longevity. Spamming HL isn´t all that far from reality, and on some fights it´s probably mandatory (think XT). Spectrum summed it up very nicely:

Your gear is probably fine. MP5 isn't a big deal. Just stack intellect like crazy to get the maximum out of DP, Replenishment, and SoW.

From my own limited experience, once you lean more toward naxx25 than naxx10 gear-wise, you´ve got the gear to spam through most fights (Within reason. You don´t holy light-bomb a raid-target missing 2k health unless you´re trying to prove a point).

- I really don´t think the pvp-gear is a good idea, as it is extremely lacking in intellect. There are most likely better options available to you through badge/boe/reputation-rewards.

SoW cannot be emphasized enough. On fights where you can pull it off, it´s an immense source of mana-return. Last time I tried it was two days ago, healing on Council with myself and a resto-druid. Mouse-over macros (Clique) allows me to do everything without actually targeting the player I want to heal, so I leave myself auto-attacking Steelbreaker for the entire fight. In a nutshell, if you utilize all your abilities and you can melee, you can spam your heart out without ever going below 50% mana.

I´ve two-man healed through Emalon on a couple of occasions, and I just place myself meleeing one of the adds for infinite mana. Denying the co-healer (a druid in this case) his hots time to roll by hammering the raid with HL is awesome.

I suggest you dig up Joanadark´s Firefighter25-vid. The point of view is one of their holy paladins, Aurelius, and you can see some proper holy paladin-action :)
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Re: [Holy][PVE]"spamming holy light?"

Postby lusisia » Fri Jul 24, 2009 12:06 pm


I went two minutes self-buffed. There's a lot of stuff in those two comments but essentially it's cheaper to cast HL than it is FoL. Raid buffed you don't run oom honestly. The only time I came close to going OOM recently was a bad IC fight where one of our healers died early on and Steelbreaker was still up. I was the only paladin in the raid and the only person who could cleanse Fusion Punch and I was supposed to be healing the Steelbreaker tank. The only healers up were me and a druid and she was having to heal a tank AND raid heal.I asked for an innervate but she couldn't take the time to stop healing. I ended the fight with like enough mana for a FoL.
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Re: [Holy][PVE]"spamming holy light?"

Postby Spectrum » Fri Jul 24, 2009 3:53 pm

amh wrote:I´ve two-man healed through Emalon on a couple of occasions, and I just place myself meleeing one of the adds for infinite mana.

We had an Emalon-10 run a little after the patch, so I was in about half-and-half naxx-10/ulduar-10 gear for my holy set. Our other healer, a priest, died in the first 5 seconds due to a pulling issue. I yelled at the tanks to get a little closer together and proceeded to solo-heal the whole thing, beating on Emalon's adds whenever I could for mana. It was pretty awesome in my book. I did actually get pretty low on mana, but no one else died. It was a lot of holy light spam.


Glyph of Lay on Hands, the one that gives you mana back, is also very nice as it acts a bit like a free potion for you and your target. If our tanks aren't likely to need it I will often toss it on one of the other healers who is having mana issues.
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Re: [Holy][PVE]"spamming holy light?"

Postby Treck » Sat Jul 25, 2009 1:56 am

Spamming holy light nonstop is both reckless for your mana and in many cases useless.
FoL shouldnt be spammed eather its a balance depending on what and when in fights etc.
I know a few critpallys, going all out for critt with a basic 20k unbuffed manapool, it prolly works for heroics but endgame raiding is a different story, wheras int becomes highly more usefull.
I personally go with manaconservative, so beacon and SoW glyphs, (holy/prot for Divine Sacrifice for hardmodes, and holy/ret for heroics/naxx) just to be able to keep ppl up for as long as the fight is.
Sure it might feel useless with a 30k manapool on a fight lasting short enough to make you end at 50%. But remember if anything goes wrong, you got that mana to save the day.

I find Forlorn Legacy's Algalon kill recorded by Aurelius to be pretty inspiring as how to "spamm holy light".
The mimiron HM vid is great aswell like some above poster mentioned.

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