[Holy/Prot PvE] Which instance soloing spec?

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[Holy/Prot PvE] Which instance soloing spec?

Postby Surkis » Mon Jul 13, 2009 8:04 pm

I used to play a prot pally AGES ago back in BC and I loved it. After shelving him in favor of server hopping (as well as a warlock which I love as well) for about a year, i'm interested in getting my pally's hands dirty once again, especially now with Dual Spec.

Long story short, my pally is going to be my achievement character, and because of that i'd love to do a bunch of old world instances and what have you. Of course i might not always find people who have the same goals as mine, so therefor i will probably be forced to solo most of the older instances (that are possible to solo mind you).

Now with dual specs im DEFINITELY going with Ret as 1 spec (i've been playing since late 04 and only recently have I been able to seriously put in some time with Ret so you gotta understand its like a dream come true, hah), however i'm not sure what my second spec would be, and how it would benefit my instancing endeavor.

Normally i'd go with Prot, but the thing is i've also taken a liking to my DK which I plan to raise as a tank as well, however if i do that than having a ret/prot pally might make my DK a bit redundant, so i want to make sure i know all of the pros and cons of the specs go before i finally decide on my 2nd pally spec.

Mind you i still have a bit of time to decide, as my pally is only 74, but i'd still like to get as much info as possible so I figured i'd ask an get some extra input.
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Re: [Holy/Prot PvE] Which instance soloing spec?

Postby masterpoobaa » Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:54 pm

Ive got Prot/Ret for raiding utility and farming/BC/Classic instance running.

Many of the Classic dungeons as so weak compared to an 80 geared pally that you can burn through them as ret.
Damage intake is of course higher than prot, but health returns from SoL/JoL/DS is more than enough to make up for it. (unless you plan on pulling dozens upon dozens of mobs at once)
eg strath, sholo, anything lower.

BC dungeons hit a bit harder, specially if you try to solo something like kara. Prot is essential in these cases.
Slower with the DPS, but far more survivable with a decent block gearset.
Ditto with the aforemention mass pulls.
Nothing beats a screen full of yellow Consecrate numbers :twisted:

My pally certainly is the reason why i never leveled my warrior past 51.
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Re: [Holy/Prot PvE] Which instance soloing spec?

Postby uke » Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:03 am

Anything up to level 70 dungeons can be solo'd as ret easily, and is probably the best spec to use up to instances that actually hit hard.

I grinded Stratholme as ret back when I was working on my Argent Crusader title, and between sacred shield, art of war, and being level 80, I don't think it's even possible to be close to dying unless you pull half the instance at once. I also know that the early BC dungeons are a joke as ret (solo'd regular Ramps back at 70 after 3.0 hit, easy stuff). Not to mention that you have vastly increased damage and mana sustainability as ret, it just goes quicker.

Once you start working on level 70 and up dungeons, you might have to go Prot, but anything below that ret is the best choice.
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Re: [Holy/Prot PvE] Which instance soloing spec?

Postby Surkis » Fri Jul 17, 2009 5:55 am

Both of your posts were incredibly informative and exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for. Looks like i'll have to put off pally healing for a while once again, but i love ret too much now, and i think it'd be kinda fun to get back into prot once again after my continued prot spec hiatus which has lasted for over a year now i'd say.
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Re: [Holy/Prot PvE] Which instance soloing spec?

Postby sherck » Mon Jul 20, 2009 8:06 am

Hmmm, my two cents is that I had zero worries about getting though any old world/TBC content as a Tier 7 geared Holy/Shockadin Paladin.

Survivablity is unbelievable, burst is very good if you need to kill a healer, and AoE is very solid between Ret Aura and Consecrate.

I am sure that the total damage output is slow when compared to Ret or even Prot, but it is also easier to get geared up because there is no other spec that is fighting you for gear besides other Holy Paladins (or the possible Resto/Elemental Shaman if it is a very nice piece of Mail that is a-okay for it's lower armor value when grinding lower level instances if the stats are right).

I soloed all the TBC instances on non-heroic modes, soloed the first couple of Kara bosses (never bothered to try them all), downed Onyxia and the first couple of bosses in MC but again never tried to finish them. I did a couple of the initial WoTLK instances solo (Nexus and Utgarde Keep) and I was able to complete every 5-man group quest in Northrends solo after getting geared up to include all the ones in Icecrown.

When I retired him, there was very little that I felt that I could not do with him outside of current level 80 raids and Heroics.

So, I would throw in a vote towards Shockadin....but I am sure that Prot has many of the same advantages so pick what you enjoy.

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