[Holy-PVE] Gear advice appreciated

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[Holy-PVE] Gear advice appreciated

Postby Rahmen » Fri Jun 26, 2009 6:51 am

Hi all,

I just respecced healing the other day as a secondary spec. So far I've healed a few heroics and VoA 10 man, Emalon and Arch, I'd really love to get any insight as to gear or pointers. I'm logged out in my healing gear so my armory should work...


I think I can slap a few +27 Int JC gems into a few spots, and I haven't looked at socket bonuses to see if theres any i can ignore right now, I'll do that when I get home tonight, but again, I'd really just appreciate any thoughts on tweaking my gear a bit more. Thank you very much.
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Re: [Holy-PVE] Gear advice appreciated

Postby sherck » Mon Jun 29, 2009 9:38 am

I cannot access your gear at work but I will put down a few thoughts on what your gearing thoughts should be:

1. You FoL heals for too little and your HL heals for too much outside of 25-man content. As such, you will be casting HL much more frequently than FoL and need the mana pool to support that. So.....

Top Stat to shoot for = Intellect

Need lots of Intellect to build a huge mana pool that also fuels your current mana regen tools (Divine Plea, Illumination, Replenishment). Every enchant that can add Intellect, use it. Every gem slot that can add Intellect, use it. Only use hybrid gems (Intellect / SP) or (Intellect / Crit) when the bonus adds enough Intellect, Spell Power or Critical Strike to make it a net over using the straight gem.

Next Stat to shoot for = Critical Strike

THIS WILL CHANGE in patch 3.2 with the massive nerf to Illumination. At that point, it probably makes sense to make MP5 much more important than it is now but as of now, Critical Strike is still a very important stat. It increases both mana regen as well as throughput.

Next Stat to shoot for = Spell Power

Not as important since every piece of gear you equip with the possible exception of trinkets will have spell power on them; no need to gem or enchant for it. But it is a nice stat to have and will become more important after Patch 3.2 when a mana regen nerf will probably make is so you cannot chain cast Holy Light for long enough and will have to mix in FoL and Holy Shock more

Next Stat to shoot for = Haste

This is listed 4th on the list not because it is a bad stat; it is actually excellent. But the other three are much better.

Other stats that are at least slightly useful to a Holy Paladin = Stamina, MP5, Hit (gotta get those Judgements to hit)

Stats that have zero use to a Holy Paladin = Strength, Agility, Spirit, Spell Penetration, Armor Penetration, what am I missing?

Must Glyph for Holy Light (Major), Seal of Wisdom (Major), Lay on Hands (Minor). Third Major is optional but I used Divinity to get a free 3,900 mana back every boss fight. I also like Minor Blessing of Kings but that less important now that everyone can throw Kings.

Don't be put off of using Mail gear if it drops and is an upgrade. Armor is not important enough to base a gearing decision off of. You will rarely find Leather or Cloth gear that has the stats you are looking for on them (i.e. most have either Spirit or Hit on them). If something drops, argue for it if it is an upgrade and wear it.

That is all I have at this moment. If you follow the above "rules," you will have all the tools you need.

On play style, I have 2 comments:

1. Practice / Practice / Practice stop-casting on Holy Light. If you tank does not need the heal, stop it and start casting it again.

2. Cast your Hand spells as often as possible. The use of these spells is often what separates a good Healadin from a Great Healadin. The timely use of Sacrifice / Salvation / Freedom / Protection or Lay on Hands can save a raid in boss fight after boss fight. These are powerful tools that are often underused by Healadins.

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Re: [Holy-PVE] Gear advice appreciated

Postby Shoju » Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:22 am

After looking over your gear, I would say the only gripe I have is with your gemming. Get the meta, and gem for int. You could turn your reds into 1 orange and yellow gems and be farther ahead. I promise.
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