[DK/Pala] Frost Presence Nerf - Please Check My Maths?

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Re: [DK/Pala] Frost Presence Nerf - Please Check My Maths?

Postby Elsie » Sat May 30, 2009 12:32 am

Judgement of Light is a globally accessable debuff though. Unless a raid has no paladin at all, then it's a fairly safe assumption that a holy or retribution paladin (or another tank even) will be applying it. Death strike is self-only, as are blocked attacks. Though there are two major problems with the model: the first is that frost or unholy specs will have to make damage/threat sacrifices to tap into death strike as a mitigative tool, making it somewhat less accessable to them. Secondly, it's difficult to time the rotation around when damage is taken without (again) taking a threat hit due to the delayed swings.

There's a minor issue with holy and judgment uptime. Also, it's pretty damn nice to be able to sacred shield yourself when holy paladins are usually too busy to do so (or so mine say). Even as ret, I'm usually the only one who throws up sacred shield - though none of our holy paladins have their four piece set bonus yet.

I still like the comparison though. You do lower your threat using death strike (though get some healing threat), but it is more potent than Sacred Shield and/or Block value. At the same time, it's less consistently beneficial which gives it a nice price for its use.
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