[Druid] can't find the thread/boomkin advice

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[Druid] can't find the thread/boomkin advice

Postby daemonym » Wed Apr 01, 2009 3:35 am

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looking for the thread that (i think) used to be a sticky called 'other classadin sites' and i scrolled back 20 pages and searched. then i unplugged my router and waited 90 seconds just to be sure, no dice. basically i'm looking for some advice for a boomkin friend. their gear is decent as far as pre-raid goes, but are only doing abotu 1100 dps, and they've admitted they've only started looking into a rotation so i'm sure that's the case. here's their armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... rfectparts

not sure what their current rotation is aside from keeping up imp FF, insect swarm, moon fire, and wrath spam. any suggestions or anybody know of a site for boomkins?
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Re: can't find the thread/boomkin advice

Postby Falkman » Wed Apr 01, 2009 3:38 am

The otherclassadin post is now in the off-spec subforum, I had one hell of a time finding it as well a few days ago.
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Re: can't find the thread/boomkin advice

Postby Barathorn » Wed Apr 01, 2009 4:17 am


That is the main link for other classes. The Ej thread on balance druids is very helpful and explains what to aim for.

Hope that helps.

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Re: [Druid] can't find the thread/boomkin advice

Postby Muse » Wed Apr 01, 2009 10:35 pm

I found the EJ thread has snippets of information and finding something specific is really difficult. Even the FAQ is outdated and of very little help, specially too newer players to the spec.

Gearwise your buddy is getting there. A few suggestions all obtainable through heroics/Crafted; WIndripper boots (LW), Windripper leggings (LW), Leggings of the winged serpent (H DtK), Battlemap hide helm (H UK), T7 gloves/Chest.

I play a Boomkin main now (My Tankadin is an alt-offspec now) and it is a very tricky spec to play well. It has a harder "rotation" than Afflic locks and is highly sensitive to RNG. On dummies alone my sample DPS can vary ~300dps.

"Essentials" spec; 51/0/14+6

Those 6 points depend on whether you're hardcore raider, heroics mainly or just a general spec. You can shift around points to get ImpMotW but general Restos cover that.
-Can drop Typhoon if you're a hardcore raider, it has limited use.
-If you're mana starved, Intensity is better than Dreamstate.
-Gale winds nice for Trash and AoE heroics like UK and CoT.
- ImpFF isn't needed for heroics and you should have an Spriest in raids. Only worth speccing into if you have a Feral druid 100% of the time (Free 3% crit) or don't have an Spriest in the raid.

He should be using Glyph of Moonfire, of Starfire and of Insect swarm for raids, for heroics/PvP Moonfire glyph is as strong.

Making use of Eclipse can make or break DPS, you also want to be proccing it from casting Wrath, so you get +30% crit to SF. Basically there are 3 phases for changing priority rotations and then there are small nuances dealing with haste breaking points and timers but that's a bit advanced for a beginner. This is for bosses, trash=AoE or nuke spam.
1. Eclipse hasn't procced and is off the ICD.
- IS/MF/Wrath spam til Eclipse proc.
If your dots drop before Eclipse, start again.
2. Eclipse procced
Starfire spam
3. Eclipse is on the ICD
- IS/MF/SFx3/Wrath spam

A biggest problem I find with a lot of caster DPS is they're not casting ALL the time. When you move refresh dots even if you're clipping them or use your CD's (Typhoon, Trees, Starfall). Chain casting is huge and anticipating mob death can be big also (So many Starfires get cut 0.2seconds short due to the target dying).
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Re: [Druid] can't find the thread/boomkin advice

Postby iwillpunishu » Thu Apr 02, 2009 10:53 am

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