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Postby Rofladin » Wed Mar 11, 2009 2:34 am

Zironic wrote:
I firmly believe that protection is Blizzard's number one priority for the paladin class, that has been progressively clearer as time has gone. I feel like they are listening and have been very quick to address concerns with some pretty kick ass buffs and finally a single target taunt. Ret is very neglected in comparison.

I think that's because they have a lot more leeway to design the protection tree, no matter what they do it's extremely unlikely that prot paladins will start raping the 2v2 ladder.

And there it is... The core of all the balancing problems. Arena is really ruining the game. It looks increasingly untenable to balance DPS and healing for both PvP and PvE without a major change to how the game works. :(

Anyway, holy is looking boring again in 3.1, as they've nerfed everything from 3.0 that briefly made holy more interesting. Other classes have much more interesting healing mechanics. I, for one, would love to roll a priest...

So I'd go ret at this point. Ret isn't complicated, but it's honestly a blast to play.
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