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Postby sherck » Thu Mar 26, 2009 7:29 am

GothicPL wrote: 1. Basic pre-raid gearing can be researched using http://maxdps.com/paladin/holy.php. Once your gear is reasonably decent, stay away from MaxDps. Its relative item rankings are buggy. For example, it rates Embrace of the Spider significantly higher than The Egg of Mortal Essence.

Embrace SHOULD be rated as much higher than the Egg. Both have the same "Equip" Spell Power amount but the Embrace has it's Haste proc off of EVERY spell cast, offensive or healing. Egg's Haste proc only goes off of Healing spells.

I cast Judgement, Sacred Shield, Beacon of Light, Divine Illumination, Divine Favor and Divine Plea all in combat (plus damage dealing spells depending on how hard the encounter is. On Thaddius and Loebeth, I cast a LOT of damage dealing spells). None of these spells can proc the Egg haste. All of them can proc the Embrace haste.

It is a MUCH more desirable trinket if you are only comparing those two.

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