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Postby keldor » Mon Mar 09, 2009 9:02 am

Hello first time poster here.
My guild is trying sarth+2 later this week. I've read threw the forums, and havent seen much on 2 drakes, so I'm woundering. Do we enter the portal before we kill the second drake or do we kill the second drake, and then enter?
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Postby Nalyn » Wed Mar 11, 2009 7:14 am

There's not a straight answer to that question, it depends on which drakes you leave up, and what things your guild is better at.

If you leave Tenebron up, you never mess with his portals, you just burn him down, also, make sure your healers DON'T stand any where close to his portal, chances are, it WILL get them eaten. He'll summon a portal about 15 seconds after landing, 15 seconds later or so, the whelps will pop out, portal poofs. You never have to enter his portals.

If you leave Shadron up, his acolyte just buffs Sartharion's breath damage, as well as making Sarth immune to damage, it does nothing to the drakes themselves, or the rest of the raid. There's no reason to kill this acolyte before you've killed Shadron in the fight.

If you leave Vesperon up, the acolyte he summons puts a damage shield aura on the raid, that will cause the raid to nuke themselves for 2 to 3k shadow damage, any time they do damage. Depending on your raid's setup, you may, or may not, want to portal hop on this one. If you take every one of vesperon's portals, then your raid will lose a chunk of dps doing that, on the other hand, if you ignore his portals, then there will be a large chunk of raid damage, and there potential for any dps or tank, or kill themselves on the aura.

When we did 2 drakes we did Tenebron and Vesperon, and we did not enter any portals til all drakes were dead. Looking back, it might have been easier to enter the portals each time, or to do tenebron and shadron as the two drakes we left up. While it does mean you WILL have to deal with 2 drakes up, for a period of time (where with Ten and Vesp you shouldn't ever have both drakes active at the same time), there will be significantly less raid damage, and the acolyte itself doesn't really DO anything to the raid itself.
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Postby Senador » Wed Mar 11, 2009 7:45 am

Again, I'll mirror what was said, it depends on which two you leave up.

Normally, for learning the encounter, it seems that Tenebron + Vesperon are the two people leave up. First, you don't have to deal with "Super Mega Breaths" from Sartharion that Shadron + Acolyte cause. Secondly, you have a much larger window between Tenebron and Vesperon than Tenebron and Shadron, this gives you some breathing room to down Tenebron then focus the adds, so that when Vesperon lands you just have him and his portal.

Also, with Vesperon, the fight becomes a "Control Fight" in which you are controlling the incoming damage by stomping the Acolytes as they spawn. If you are doing Shadron, it becomes a "DPS Fight" because you need both the DPS to down Tenebron before Shadron Lands, or as it lands, and you need to get Shadron down before your healers/tanks run out of resources to stay alive through "Super Mega Breath."

If you are just learning 2 Drakes, I recommend Tenebron + Vesperon, however if you are trying to get some good practice in for 3 Drakes, Tenebron + Shadron is good practice as it shows if your DPS is up to par.
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Postby Trixia » Wed Mar 18, 2009 10:24 am

I would def go with the suggestion to leave Tenebron and Vesperon up, when first learning Sarth+2.

As mentioned before, you dont have to deal with the Super Mega Breath, when first learning the encounter. As a Holy Pally on this encounter, and Sarth Tank Healer, all I can say is that it was a pain enough dealing with dodgeing fire walls, void zones (not so much being far away from the drakes), and such. Our tank for Sarth was still getting comfortable tanking Sarth in a different position from Sarth+0 (we skipped Sarth+1 and went right for Sarth+2), it made dodgeing the fire walls a bit of a headache due to poor positioning of Sarth.

The other reason I would suggest Tenebron and Vesperon, is that you get the most amount of time between Tenebron landing, and Vesperon joining the fight. This isn't so much to give you the time needed to kill Tenebron. With our raid we were able to kill Tenebron well before Vesperon landed with bloodlust. But to not force your raid to waste time waiting for Bloodlust to refresh between attempts. Our raid was easily able to down Tenebron before Vesperon landed, w/out using Bloodlust. This meant that if we wiped for any reason, we could get the fight going again in the time it took to run back and buff. If we had to wait on Bloodlust every time, it was a good 7 mins wait between attempts. The other bonus to doing it this way, is that if your raids dps IS lacking, you can use Bloodlust to get Tenebron down b4 Vesperon lands.

By leaving Shaderon up, your really putting a big DPS check on your raids ability to do this fight. And when your just learning it, and getting comfortable with all the moveing around, all the adds, all the void zones, etc. Being able to take basically as long as you want on this fight (since you don't have to worry so much about your tank being gibbed) is a nice bonus.

Also, it makes for being able to do this encounter with lesser geared tanks. Our tanks were geared in a mix of Naxx10/25 gear as far as Sarth and Drake tanks. And while I know they can do Tenebron and Vesperon. They need a bit more gear to be able to do Tenebron + Shaderon (well the newer tanks anyways).

Anyways. We beat Sarth25 +2 on our 3rd attempt. And my guild only accounted for about 75% of the total raid slots, the rest was PuGs. So with proper execution, it's really not a hard fight.
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