Sarth[25] + 3, Pally or Warrior MT

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Postby Rasmfrackn » Thu Feb 12, 2009 6:21 pm

Worldie wrote:Uhm, anyone could confirm what Rasm is saying? Would be very interesting for Sarth + 3.

I think going for super resists is probably only viable for a Bear, but this is what I based it on:

from ... ics_wotlk/

I condensed it on my guild forum to:
2) The resisted amount is given by something like:
P(x) = 0.5 - 2.5*|x - R/(5L+R)|

Anything less than 0 is treated as 0, which means there's a minimum resisted amount, which is awesome. The 2.5 looks like it means there are at most 5, and generally 4, different resist values for a given resistance amount.

So I just took each 10% breakpoint and solved for zero.

-- Hrm, looks like I shouldn't go spreading numbers just yet... his boss data isn't fitting the same trend as the environmental damage he started with... I'll have to keep track of that thread for a bit longer and probably contribute some more sample data. Going to remove those breakpoints in the previous post for now.
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Postby warden » Thu Feb 12, 2009 7:43 pm

To answer the OP's question, I would have the warrior tank Sarth, simply because that gives you an extra CD... You can HoSac/bubble (and possibly DG, if you're specced that way) to save him, but he doesn't have CDs that can be used to save you. I know, its a very simplistic view, but with you tanking there is really one proactive CD that can be used (bubblewall), while with him tanking, there are 2 major, 1 minor (Shieldwall, your HoSac/DG, and his Last Stand)... I'm ignoring LoH, since its more of a reactive CD.

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Postby Kezia » Fri Feb 13, 2009 2:42 am

We downed heroic 3D Sarth last week after a bit of trouble with the Sarth tank getting one-shotted. We didn't have a geared DK for feral druid available to MT Sarth, so we used a warrior purely for the amount of CDs he has (and I, as a pally tank, do more dps on the drakes despite being better-geared for MTing).

Our setup is:
Sartharion tank: Warrior in full frost resist gemmed and enchanted for full stam (42.3k buffed)
Drake tank: Prot Pally ( ... n=Rhetoric)
AOE tanks: DK/Warrior ( ... =Lichborne and ... ins&n=Argg)

We've got a disc priest and 2 holy pallies on the Sarth tank, random assorted healers on other tanks. We bring a total of 7 healers total (3 on Sarth tank, 1 on add tanks, 2 on drake tank, 1 on raid).

We generally have the first drake to about 10% or less by the time the second lands. By the time the third lands, the second drake is around 20% and the adds have been AOE'd. It's pretty imperative that dps is quick on drakes to relieve the strain on the healers healing the Sarth tank. We save bloodlust for after the first drake dies and the second drake lands.

When the third drake lands, the Sarth tank pops shield wall for the flame breath (which, before SW tends to hit for about 42k. After the -25% hp debuff is applied, the Sarth tank has 31k hp, so this is 1-shottable without CDs.) After SW is down, a Hand of Sacrifice is used, followed by a second for the next flame breath, and then Pain Suppression. By this time the drakes are dead, all the dps takes the portal and kills the acolytes, and it's a win.

The key is using rotations wisely and calling them out. Our Sarth tank calls out when healers are supposed to pop their CDs so we don't have any issues with CDs being used incorrectly.

If you're tanking drakes, which I believe you'd be best at as a paladin, I tend to pop Bubblewall when the third drake lands. I've noticed a pretty hefty burst damage intake at this point so it helps a ton.

Before downing 3D Sarth, the disc priest was full holy but we wanted to try out disc on Sarth. It kinda feels like cheating but he loves disc and I love the mitigation it provides, and it's a huge help on this fight.

Sorry if I reiterated anything anyone else said, I skimmed through the entire thread pretty briefly. Let me know if you have any questions though, I don't mind sharing my perspective of the fight in further detail.
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Postby Worldie » Fri Feb 13, 2009 4:41 am

Rasmfrackn wrote:
Worldie wrote:Uhm, anyone could confirm what Rasm is saying? Would be very interesting for Sarth + 3.

I think going for super resists is probably only viable for a Bear, but this is what I based it on:

from ... ics_wotlk/

I wasn't really thinking of a super resist set since i don't like playing with luck, but being able to have a 20% resist all the time would reduce the amount of EH needed by a big amount, allowing me to actually get critcap.
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Postby Warbal » Fri Feb 13, 2009 10:32 am

We ran into this exact problem. We had two prot pallies and a prot warrior our first attempts in and the warrior was just only just above 40k hitpoints raid buffed (so just over 30k with the debuff). In the end we switched him to drakes and had our boomkin who has decent tank gear (37k unbuffed) tank sarth on this fight. Speaking as one of the mt healers it has made it much easier to keep him up to the point where we are pretty close to getting a kill.
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